#66 How to Be Your Best YOU: Part 1

Uncategorized Apr 13, 2021

In this 5 part series we explore what goes into making you the best version of yourself for your family, for your business, AND FOR YOURSELF!  How does the best version of you show up as often as possible?  How do you create a life that supports her??  

In this episode you will learn:

  1. How to define the best you  - mentally, physically, emotionally - get a clear picture for yourself.
  2. Imagined vs. Authentic best self - how to keep it real.
  3.  Knowing when your NOT at your best as a way to know what it looks like when you are at your best.

What is the best version of you? And how do you show up as her every day - for your family, your business, and yourself?


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#65 Spring Clean Your Life: Reboot!

spring cleaning Apr 06, 2021

This is a reboot of episode #18, because spring cleaning is awesome!!

Today we are going to get to explore the idea of cleaning out more than just your closet this spring - but using this time to let go of anything that is no longer serving you.  This episode will include action steps to help you use spring cleaning to feel more in control and focused.  That’s right, you can get started transforming your life right now to have less of whatever you don’t want anymore - less stress, less anger, and less stuff in your closet.  


In this episode you will learn:

  1. How spring cleaning your life, not just your closet, can help you feel less overwhelmed and more in control
  2. Four new ways to think about spring cleaning and how to do them right now
  3. How to let spring cleaning be an opportunity for something else to grow and take it’s place


Spring is an amazing time.  It’s a time of growth.  Of new beginnings. ...

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#64 The Magic of Brand Messaging Clarity with Kelly Sinclair


The magic of brand messaging - how clarifying your message basically makes your life easier - clarity helps busy entrepreneurs to have less stress, less overwhelm - sign me up please!

Kelly Sinclair is your brand and marketing fairy godmother. She equips passionate entrepreneurs with the magic wand they need to get clear on their message and who they serve so they can attract their dream clients and grow their businesses.

In this episode you will learn:

  1. Why brand messaging is an essential part of your business
  2. How clarifying your brand messaging gives you the space to grow and evolve over time - meaning it does NOT lock you in
  3. What ONE thing you could do TODAY to improve your brand messaging
  4. How clarity can give you power and control back in your business, and decrease overwhelm, stress, and burn out.  


How to start clarifying your messaging

Kelly: "Just do it. And then we'll find out we'll get the information by by way of if you start targeting your messaging...

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#63 Simplifying Healthy Eating to Manage Stress


Simplifying when you eat is one of the easiest (and most underused) ways to manage stress.  I wanted to reboot an old episode (#22) in case you had missed it because it's so freakin important.

Basically - when you are fed consistently, you are a less stressed and nicer human being - you make better decisions, you yell at your kids less, you are more productive- all because you aren't hungry. 

My simple action step - have lunch at the same time everyday.  A large healthy satisfying lunch.  Don't skip it for a meeting or to get more done.  Book it onto your calendar.  And watch how it changes your life (and reduces your stress). 


Today we are going to get to learn about a simple way to approach eating healthy.  Usually, when you think about eating healthy it’s all about what you are eating.  Eat more kale!  Eat less ice cream!  But there are lots of other things that can be a part of how you eat...

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#62 Trust Your Brain: ADHD as a Superpower with AnnMarie Espina


Whether you have ADHD or not, this episode will help you create a strategy to take back your day by listening to your brain and giving it what it wants and needs.  As entrepreneurs we are lucky enough to be able to design our days - consider the advantages of knowing how best to do that!

Today’s special guest is AnnMarie Espina.  AnnMarie is an ADHD Coach and Life Enthusiast with a Bachelors in Health Promotion.  She is on a mission to create a global movement where those with ADHD can use it to the best of their ability and believes that ADHD can be a superpower. 

In today’s episode you will learn…

  1. Why it’s so important to start with what AnnMarie calls “the inside work.”
  2. What ADHD is
  3. How to go with the flow and what works for you - and why this is an essential skill for entrepreneurs


Working from the inside out...

AnnMarie: " I get to connect with other women and I have the skills now to totally help...

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#61 Playing as Adults for a Thriving Business (+ Life) with Kara Latta


When was the last time you asked someone to come out and play?  When was the last time you played as an adult?

Learning how to play as an adult can have a HUGE impact on your business (and sanity) - because it turns out it has all sorts of benefits - in addition to being fun. 

The science based benefits of play include....drumroll please...improved productivity, better problem solving, more creativity, better able to work with others (ha!) - it also helps out with stress and anxiety.

Of course, I found an expert in play!!

Kara Latta is the Founder and Chief Fun Officer of The Playful Warrior. She is also the Creator of ThoughtPLAY, a unique coaching model that uses the power of play and subconscious reprogramming to help humans thrive. 

In today’s episode you will learn:

  1. What “play” is
  2. The benefits of play
  3. How play can help you in your business


 Benefits of play

Kara: "honestly, there are so many benefits of play. First of...

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#60 3 Simple Steps to Take Back Control Over Your Stress


Stress can feel like this insurmountable thing that is beyond your control - BUT IT'S NOT!  I've helped hundreds of clients and students learn how to manage their stress and I'm sharing three simple 'go-to' steps that you can take TODAY to start to take back control over your stress.  

You can grab my FREE guide 24 Ways to Stress Less <<HERE>>

I dive deep into each one of these steps in the episode, so be sure to listen.


Step One:  Be specific about WHAT stresses you out

This seems like a super-simple idea, but the most specific you can get the more control you can have over the stress.

Step Two:  Be specific about HOW the stress affects you

Again, it seems simple, but how is the stress affecting you?  Headaches or neck pain? Anxiety or anger?  Foggy brain or racing thoughts?  There are so many ways it can impact you and the more you know about how it shows up for you, the more easily you can recognize when it's...

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#59 Get Your Legal Stuff Handled with Elena Favaro Viana


Sleepless nights.  Anxiety.  Stress.  As a solopreneur or business owner it's ALL ON US.  We are our business.  And there is a direct correlation between feeling legally safe and secure in your business AND your health, happiness and sanity.  Legal expert and business mentor Elena Favaro Viana shares her passion for helping entrepreneurs like you get your legal stuff handled so that your business can thrive (and so that you can get a good night's sleep).

In this episode you will learn:

  1. Why the “legal stuff” is essential to the foundation of your business
  2. Why your contracts (service or client agreements) are invaluable to building your dream client relationships
  3. How the “legal stuff” can transform fear, anxiety, and stress, boosting confidence and success

Our amazing guest (and serious legal badass): Elena Favaro Viana is a Lawyer and Business Mentor. She started her career in International Criminal Law working with...

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#58 Simple and Profitable with Kim Carson-Richards


It doesn’t have to be so hard.  Learn how to keep it simple in your business with Kim Carson-Richards.  Kim and her biz partner Kat run the Profitable Impact Academy - where they help entrepreneurs make a big impact by keeping things simple - which is, of course, an over simplification in the expertise she’s bringing to the podcast today.  She has started 3 successful businesses, become a best-selling author and spoken on over 200 stages - finding a way to combine doing what she loves and still having time for her family. 

In this episode you will learn:

  1. How to ditch the hustle and grind for hustle and flow
  2. Why the grind is NOT a necessary part of entrepreneurship
  3. How chasing what you love makes everything easier
  4. ONE thing you can do right now to keep it simple and grow your impact
  5. Why being clear on your values can help keep you healthy, happy, and sane while running your business.

Leave some podcast love <<HERE>> or if you are...

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#56 Are You Burntout?

Uncategorized Feb 09, 2021

I've hit the pandemic wall!  I'm basically camped out here.  I'm exhausted. I'm overwhelmed.  I'm just ugh.  And, it turns out, I'm burntout. 

What is burnout? And how might it be affecting you?  In this episode I share the three components of burnout and give you two action steps to start to fight back!

Link to burnout book <<HERE>>

Get your FREE guide to Stress Less <<HERE>>

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