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Hi, I'm Ellen.

Speaker, Stress Management Consultant + Coach, award winning university instructor, and nerd.

Since founding The StressLess Method in 2013, I've helped thousands of students and clients learn how to manage their stress in a way that works for them.

The cookie-cutter one-size-fits all approach to well-being is NOT enough. I've created a process that supports lasting change, focused on experience and reflection instead of just education.

I help organizations who value the link between wellness and success to learn how to manage their stress and prevent it.  It's only through sustainable behavioral changes that you can support your team in building lasting health & business success.

Lynn Festa
Owner, Health Professional Coaching, LLC

"Ellen has been a key ingredient to my success; she has helped me organize and focus on what it important to my business. Her strategies are proven, shown by the results I have gotten by incorporating them into my practice and my daily life!"

Marian Willeke
Co-Founder and Principal Learning Designer, Deep Roots LLC

"Part of running a business is knowing things will go sideways. Ellen helped me understand that it's not about preventing stress, it's about how we handle it. After working with her, my stress levels and worldview have dramatically improved, even though absolutely nothing changed in my life. I'm so grateful for the concrete strategies she has provided to me in ways that I can easily adapt to my life and work."

Jason Saner
President, Abtex Corporation

“This program allowed me wrap my head around the role, both positive and negative, that stress plays in my life.  The on-demand videos were informational and allowed me to work on my schedule while the once a week group calls provided an effective sounding board and support for the process.”

What is The StressLess Method?

A comprehensive stress management program designed to teach you how to handle your stress and how it impacts you today and indefinitely.  You're not just learning tools and techniques, but also how to create real lasting change.

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