Solve ONE today - manage stress, eat healthier, exercise more -
check one off your list.


You don't have time to screw around
and burn yourself out.



Let's tackle the most important health + wellness pieces of your life right now.  You have a business to run and you need to stay healthy to do that.  You need to take care of yourself so you can show up and serve your clients and customers.

  • Don't know what's for dinner? Let's take 90 min and create a custom plan for eating healthy for the next 3 months that works for you.
  • Never have enough time to work out?  Together we can craft your personalized exercise plan that works for YOU and your business.
  • Totally stressed?  I've got resources and strategies to help you bust stress and get back to work.

Book your 90-min
intensive coaching session

You can't pour from an empty cup.

You know you should be "healthier," but you just don't know where to begin.  Sound familiar?

Let's work together to get you some quick wins ASAP. 

How it works:

  • 90-min of us deep diving into ONE core topic from below to help you
    • create clear actionable goals that work for YOU
    • resources and tools selected just for you
  • What you leave with:
    • a custom strategy with next steps
    • realistic and clear goals crafted specifically for you
    • ways to take IMMEDIATE ACTION
  • The end result?
    • You stay healthy, energized, and focused for your business
    • You show up strong every single day for your biz
    • You have more to give to your business AND your family

Topics to choose from:

  • Stress management
    • Stop losing time and energy to stress.
  • Holiday Ready! 
    • Be ready for the holidays, so you can balance work, family, fun, and health!
  • Health eating
    • From meal prepping to figuring out food that works for you, let's get a plan ready that works for you, your family and your business.
  • Exercise + Fitness
    • It seems like there's never enough time in the day!  Let's fix that.
  • Self-care
    • What if you took care of yourself the same way you take care of your family and your clients/customers?
  • Sleep
    • How could getting more or better sleep help your business thrive?  I've got strategies!
  • Ayurveda
    • Are you wanting to a holistic natural approach to your health, but don't know where to start?

Hi! I'm Ellen

You get a ton of expertise when you work with me. As a Stress Management Consultant + Coach,  since 2013 I've helped hundreds of students and clients figure out how to manage their stress.  I'm also a National Board Certified Health + Wellness Coach and Ayurvedic Practitioner.  Also, I use ALL of this stuff in my real life as a solopreneur - I walk the walk.

When we work together, I'll share my expertise and strategies for our 90min together:

  • Stress Management Strategies
  • Yoga + Meditation Assets
  • Health + Wellness Coaching Skills
  • Positive Psychology Theories + Tools
  • Ayurveda Methods

You know you need stay healthy, happy, and sane to show up as your best self, but you just don't know how.

You are giving so much to everyone else.  You are drained and exhausted and have emptied your cup for everyone else.  You have spent so much time and energy on your business.  

It's time you did something for yourself.  When you are healthy, happy, and sane - your business can thrive.  Entrepreneurs have crazy lives - get a custom plan that works for you.


Let's do this!