#16 Healthy Habits: What Works for YOU?

The amount of health and wellness information that is out there today is insane!  For reals. It’s intense.  Meditating will fix everything.  But also I need to be reading a book every single week. And I need to be taking a HIIT class because so-and-so did it and she loves it.  And I’m sure that there is something new that I’m supposed to be eating and something that I’m not supposed to be eating anymore.

OMG.  I’m tired even talking about it.  But here’s what I used to do.  I would hear about something and then I would be ALL IN. I’d decide that meditation is THE ANSWER.  That it’s the thing I’ve been looking for - without ever considering if it actually works for me.  It’s hilarious.  Sometimes it does work out.  That’s how I found yoga over 20 years ago.  But I’ve also pushed through on plenty of health and wellness things that just weren’t...

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