#39 Self-Empowerment Secrets with Danielle Rojas

OMG, before we dive in, I wanted to let you know that I  made you something awesome.  Because you’re schedule’s packed.  Your day is full.  And you have absolutely no idea what’s for dinner tonight.  I get it.  So I created a simple fall meals series to help you eat healthy this fall.  Delivered directly to your inbox, this five part series will help you simplify your meals and make eating healthy easy.  Click <<HERE>> to get started, because  I’m all about helping you stay healthy, happy, and sane.


Today we HAVE A SPECIAL GUEST, one of my favorite people, Danielle Rojas.  She is a high-performance, self-empowerment coach and owns The Rojas Co, a self-empowerment coaching organization that provides small group coaching, 1:1 coaching and corporate presentations/workshops aimed at sharing the tools to connect women from where they feel stuck to finally living their most true and beautiful...

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