#24 I Say NO to That - So I Can Say YES to This


Today we are going to discuss saying ‘NO’ to more things so that you have the space and energy to say ‘YES’ to things you value and want.  And of course this will include action you can take today.  That’s right, you can get started changing your life right now.  


In this episode you will learn:

  1. How to shift your mindset about saying ‘NO’
  2. 6 things you can start saying ‘NO’ to right now
  3. How to figure out what to say ‘NO’ to and what to say ‘YES’ to


Saying no to things can be really freaking hard!  But when we say no to some things it gives us the space to say yes to other things. 

When I first started my business, I said ‘YES’ to everything and anything.  Most of it for free.  When you have skills like mine (yoga, Ayurveda, stress management, coaching) you get asked to do a bunch of stuff for free.  I want to serve.  I...

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#9 THREE Strategies to Reduce Decision Fatigue


As an entrepreneur, business owner, solopreneur, consultant, coach - you are making decisions all day long....from what you’ll have to lunch, to your social media strategy, to what tax software to use.

There is no shortage of decisions to be made. 


How can you make sure that you are working at your best when it comes to the decisions you make?


In this episode you will learn:

  1. What decision fatigue is
  2. Why you care about decision fatigue and how it is impacting your business and life
  3. 3 strategies to help you reduce decision fatigue RIGHT NOW


Decision Fatigue is Messing with Your Life

Decision fatigue is the idea that after making a bunch of decisions that you become tired and then your ability to make quality decisions decreases.  There is lots of science behind this concept that you can check out HERE and HERE.

But, bottom line, is that your willpower is influenced by more than just your inherent strength and self-control. ...

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#8 How to Stop Drowning in Information and Wasting Your Time


As an entrepreneur or business owner consultant freelancer, you have to not only prioritize what you are spending time doing but also how you are spending your valuable energy and attention.


What you’ll learn:

  1. How to NOT waste energy and time on content you consume..
  2. How to create a proactive plan to curate the content you consume.
  3. How to have more energy and free time while still getting done what needs to get done. 


Information is coming at us from everywhere.  It’s inescapable.

It's coming at us via email, in blogs, in podcasts, books, TV, radio, and SOCIAL MEDIA.

It's a lot!!! 

What are you going to CHOOSE to allow into your life?

DOWNLOAD your FREE worksheet to help you prioritize your information so you can stop wasting time.

I Lost 2 Hours on Facebook!

Last week I went on to Facebook for a purely business reason - I don’t even remember why.  I got sucked down a Facebook hole for 2 hours!!!  I got NOTHING...

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#7 Flow: A Tool to Help You Get More Done (while enjoying it!)

focus productivity Feb 18, 2020


Some of the resources/links below may be affiliate links, meaning I get paid a commission (at no extra cost to you) if you use that link to make a purchase.


What would it be like if you could get more done while enjoying it??

In today’s episode you will learn

  1. What a flow state is and why it matters to you
  2. How you can use a flow state to help you get big creative projects done
  3. Steps to apply it in your life TODAY


What is flow

Flow is a concept created by Mihaly Csikszentmihalyi, a psychologist.  In his book, Flow: The Pscyhology of Optimal Experience, he states that flow is “a state in which people are so involved in an activity that nothing else seems to matter; the experience is so enjoyable that people will continue to do it even at great cost, for the sheer sake of doing it” (1990). For him, flow is about optimizing happiness and improving performance - which are awesome and useful, and fabulous potential side effects. ...

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#5: How to Work at Your Best

productivity Feb 04, 2020


What you learn in this episode:

  1. Why you care about figuring out how to work at your best.
  2. What supports you working at your best.
  3. How to create more times when you are working at your best.


Why do you care about working at your best?

When you figure out what supports you in being able to work at your best, you can create more opportunities to work at your best.  It can help you to get more done and to be more focused when you are working on your priorities.  What would it be like to be able to show up as the best version of you for next meeting or sales pitch? 


What do I mean by "working at your best?"

Working at your best is different for each person.  We each have our strengths.  We each have times when we are able to accomplish a task as the best version of ourselves.  Maybe you had a sales pitch that went perfectly - you were confident, articulate, kept your emotions in check when challenged, didn't get flustered when...

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#4: Stress and Your Mind- How Stress Can Trap Your Thoughts

mind productivity stress Jan 28, 2020

Some of the resources/links below may be affiliate links, meaning I get paid a commission (at no extra cost to you) if you use that link to make a purchase.

I created a 3 part series to help you pinpoint how stress is affecting you so that you can start to do something about it:

Part 1: How Stress Affects Your Body

Part 2:  How Stress Affects Your Emotions

Part 3:  How Stress Affects Your Mind

Welcome to Part 3 in a three-part series designed to help you learn more about how stress is impacting you - with action steps to help you manage stress right now!

As with all of my podcasts and blogs, I am scratching the surface of concepts and theories with a bunch of science behind them so that you can see if they might work for you. 


In this episode you will learn:  

  1. How stress can affect your mind and your thoughts.
  2. What thinking traps are and how they can distract you from getting stuff done.
  3. Three strategies to start to pull yourself out of a...
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#1: Creating Your Sustainable Health Support Squad

health podcast productivity Jan 07, 2020

Welcome to the very first episode of The Healthy, Happy, and mostly Sane Entrepreneur Podcast. 

I created this podcast because I don't think that you have to sacrifice your health and sanity to be successful at doing what you love - it's really that simple. 

Each week I offer tons of fast, easy, do-able action steps to get you started right now towards a healthier you.  


What you’ll learn in this episode:

  1. That you can be a healthy, happy, and mostly sane entrepreneur WHO IS ALSO SUCCESSFUL.
  2. How to create a team to support your health and wellness (and sanity) so that you can show up as your best self as much as possible (but mostly so you can just get more work done).
  3. Small achievable action steps you can take to improve your health this week.


Create Your Sustainable Health Support Squad:

Friends and Family - Yup, that's right. Your friends and family not only want you to be happy and healthy, they also want you to be successful!


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Plan More Time Off to Boost Your Sanity + Success

Note: some of the resources/links below may be affiliate links, meaning I get paid a commission (at no extra cost to you) if you use that link to make a purchase.


Relaxing probably won’t kill me, it just feels that way.  


I find it incredibly challenging to give myself permission to take time off from work and relax.  As a business owner, I am constantly working. Or thinking about work. Or feeling guilty for not working when I’m doing anything that isn’t work.

A few weeks ago, I was lucky enough to take some time off and go to Disney World with my family to ride the new Millenium Falcon ride (it was epic).  However, before I left, I couldn't help being filled with a sense of dread that I would not be getting any work done while I was there. I knew I would have fun, relax, and recharge, but I find it extremely challenging to do these important things.  But I did it! I didn’t even take my computer on the trip. I only had...

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5 steps to accomplish more by being more realistic about your time

I’m getting excited about the New Year because I love to plan!  But I can get a little out of touch with reality fairly quickly.  For instance, I will not be cooking healthy and awesome meals daily because that’s insane and I don’t have 5 extra hours every day.  Instead, I meal prep on Sundays to make sure I’m able to focus on eating healthy all week long - but while still being realistic about my time.

What are your biggest priorities and how can you make sure they will happen?

How can you set yourself up for accomplishing ALL of your goals for next year?  

By being more realistic about how long things really take to get done and then planning for it.  


You will accomplish more

If you are able to be realistic about how long things really take, then you can plan better and accomplish more. You can enable yourself to be more successful because the goal is actually possible. It can also allow to prioritize to focus on what's...

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3 Mistakes You Are Making When Setting Your New Year’s Goals (and how to fix them)

goals productivity Dec 09, 2019

I’m getting ready for the New Year, which of course means - goal setting!  I love setting goals. I like dreaming about what might be in the future, and then figuring out how to get there. 


About 10 years ago I made the most insane New Year’s resolutions list ever.  It had 72 things on it. It included awesome ideas like: ride in a hot air balloon, take a ballet class, learn Italian, learn Spanish, learn to cook, go to the gym everyday, and learn how to paint.  It’s great to have dreams, but none of these were going to happen because I never set actual goals to support them. My favorite: I will go to the gym everyday. LOL. I didn’t even belong to a gym.  How was it going to happen? Was I going to use magic? When was I going to fit in going to the gym in between learning two languages and going to ballet classes?  



Top 3 mistakes that people make when setting goals:

  1. Setting an outcome goal WITHOUT the...
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