#6 Finding Balance: Where I Am Right Now and Why It Matters


In this episode you will learn:

  1. Why figuring out what’s going on with you right now is worth your time
  2. About a tool called the Life Balance Wheel
  3. How it can help you get a snapshot of your life right now
  4. How to prioritize your health and wellness goals 
  5. How to find more balance overall with all parts of your life while running a business


Why Health Assessments are freaking awesome (and useful)

One of the awesome things that assessments or quizzes or exercises that are about your health and wellness gives you is knowledge about what is going on with you right now.  I think that the importance of this concept is often overlooked.

When you are looking to change and evolve and grow, when are wanting to be healthier, happier and more sane, when you are wanting more calm and more focus - it’s important to know where you are starting from.  

When I know where I’m starting from - I can discover the things that are already working AND...

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3 Steps to Becoming Your Best Possible Future Self

How do you start to narrow down your priorities for the new year?  You can start by exploring the possibilities and dreaming big for 2020 by figuring out what supports you being your best self both personally and professionally.


Your best self

The concept of ‘your best self,’ gets tossed around as if you should immediately know who she is and how to find her.  How should I know what my best self is like? What does that even mean? Does she like cheese? I wonder if she has any chocolate? 

But, when I really think about it, my best self is obvious. She is a magical version of me with all of my best traits.  She is driven without bulldozering over everything in front of her. She is passionate without yelling (mostly). She is patient and kind.  She is clear and focused. She is happy and laughs throughout the day. She feels great physically, emotionally, and mentally. She is confident and full of energy.  She can do really hard things. She...

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