#48 How to Be Nicer to Yourself


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What would it be like if you were just a little nicer to yourself?  What difference could that make in your life? In your business? 

Self-compassion is an insanely powerful tool that is being under utilized by people.  I believe in using every tool and resource to my advantage, to curate my own health and happiness and sanity using whatever I can get my hands on.  And I believe that you will find that self-compassion, basically being nicer to yourself, is one of those tools that can change your life. 

In this episode you will learn:

  1. Three core concepts of self-compassion that will change how you think about being nicer to yourself.
  2. The benefits of self-compassion
  3. One simple, clear action step you can take TODAY that will blow your mind and start making a difference in your life...
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