#55 Building A Morning Routine that Works for You

morning routine Jan 26, 2021

Morning routines are so popular right now.  How do you create one that actually works for you?

In this episode you will learn:

  1. How a morning routine can help to manage stress
  2. 4 steps to build your best morning routine
  3. My current top 3 healthy ways to start your day

Be sure to grab your 10 Healthy Ways to Start Your Day PDF <<HERE>>

How a morning routine can help you manage stress

  1. When you perceive you have more control over any situation you reduce your stress.  I’ve always found that a morning routine not only supports my entire day, but also helps to manage my stress, because it gives me a sense of control from the start.  I can start my day off with a cup of coffee and journaling.  Even if it’s just for 5 min, that can be mine. 
  2. When our days are overwhelming, morning routines can also help to manage stress by checking things off your list - like exercise or healthy eating.  The things you would be totally pissed...
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#38 Daily Health Rituals for Entrepreneurs Working From Home


I’m excited to share with you a course I’ve been developing just for you.  Thriving with Ayurveda.  Ayurveda, as you will hear in today’s episode, is incredibly useful.  If you are feeling overwhelmed by all of the health choices and you just want being healthy to be easier, then Ayurveda can help you simplify and find what works for you.  I’ve helped hundreds of students and clients use Ayurveda to build a healthy life that works for them - and now you can too.  Check it out <<HERE>>


Today we are going to get to explore rituals that you can integrate into your life TODAY to support you as you work from home.  Working from home comes with a bunch of challenges - getting distracted by home tasks, distracted by people, eating all day long.  How do you create rituals and habits that support you each and every day?  


In this episode you will learn:

  1. How to start the day off - 
  2. ...
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#23 Strategies to Build a Healthy Morning Routine for You, Your Family, and Your Business


A morning routine could be a key building block in creating your healthy life! I hope you will check out the podcast, which goes more in depth than these show notes.

In this episode you will learn:

  1. Why I love morning routines
  2. 4 strategies to build your morning routine
  3. My top 3 healthy ways to start your day.


Why I love morning routines (and routines in general)

So why do I love morning routines so friggin much?  I love them because they are an amazing way to set myself up for all-day health.  This is especially important when I'm thinking about creating a sustainable healthy lifestyle- meaning health that lasts and is not just a quick fix; something that supports me each and every day.

Doing a morning routine is one of the most important things that I can do to be healthy, all day long and throughout my life. It's about more than being productive, it's more than getting things done, it's more than doing what somebody else is doing- it's figuring out how...

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