5 steps to accomplish more by being more realistic about your time

I’m getting excited about the New Year because I love to plan!  But I can get a little out of touch with reality fairly quickly.  For instance, I will not be cooking healthy and awesome meals daily because that’s insane and I don’t have 5 extra hours every day.  Instead, I meal prep on Sundays to make sure I’m able to focus on eating healthy all week long - but while still being realistic about my time.

What are your biggest priorities and how can you make sure they will happen?

How can you set yourself up for accomplishing ALL of your goals for next year?  

By being more realistic about how long things really take to get done and then planning for it.  


You will accomplish more

If you are able to be realistic about how long things really take, then you can plan better and accomplish more. You can enable yourself to be more successful because the goal is actually possible. It can also allow to prioritize to focus on what's...

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Get rid of your secret to-do list!

Yes, I know about your secret to do list.  You make your regular ‘to do’ list for the day, the one that you could probably accomplish - if you were perfect all day long.  Then you make a secret ‘to do’ list- this is the one you think you should also be able to get done.

Why do we do this?  Yes, I know you're ambitious.  I am too!  But if I’m going to be successful, and less stressed, then I also need to be realistic.  My secret to-do list is getting in my way.  Do you get to the end of you day and feel like you didn't get anything done?  Maybe your secret to do list is why - because you did get lots of stuff done, just not the unrealistic stuff that there was never going to be time for anyway.

Top 4 reasons not to make a secret ‘to-do’ list:


  1. If you have time for it, realistically, it would be on your regular list.
  2. If it was important enough to do, it would be on your regular list.  

  3. ...
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