#54 How Pinterest Can Manage Stress with Anna Huff


What? How can Pinterest manage stress?  Well, as a busy entrepreneur, Pinterest is an "underestimated gem" for building your brand and audience.  Today's guest, Anna Huff, is a Pinterest specialist and she's got LOTS to share!!

In this episode you will discover:

  1. Why Pinterest is such a valuable tool for solopreneurs
  2. How Pinterest can help you manage time, energy, and stress
  3. How Pinterest allows you to stay present with your family and your life


Anna on finding what works for you:

Anna: "It's just leaning into what it is that your heart tells you is right. And sometimes, you know, we try to fight that just like I'll just say, like, even with my business, and, you know, starting at six months ago, and then being where I'm at now, where I'm like, Okay, I'm ready to go straight Pinterest, let's do it. And I knew that kind of, you know, probably closer to the beginning. But I fought it for a while, right? Because no, no, no, no, that's kind of scary. You know,...

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#48 How to Be Nicer to Yourself


Note: some of the resources/links below may be affiliate links, meaning I get paid a commission (at no extra cost to you) if you use that link to make a purchase.

What would it be like if you were just a little nicer to yourself?  What difference could that make in your life? In your business? 

Self-compassion is an insanely powerful tool that is being under utilized by people.  I believe in using every tool and resource to my advantage, to curate my own health and happiness and sanity using whatever I can get my hands on.  And I believe that you will find that self-compassion, basically being nicer to yourself, is one of those tools that can change your life. 

In this episode you will learn:

  1. Three core concepts of self-compassion that will change how you think about being nicer to yourself.
  2. The benefits of self-compassion
  3. One simple, clear action step you can take TODAY that will blow your mind and start making a difference in your life...
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