#4: Stress and Your Mind- How Stress Can Trap Your Thoughts

mind productivity stress Jan 28, 2020

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I created a 3 part series to help you pinpoint how stress is affecting you so that you can start to do something about it:

Part 1: How Stress Affects Your Body

Part 2:  How Stress Affects Your Emotions

Part 3:  How Stress Affects Your Mind

Welcome to Part 3 in a three-part series designed to help you learn more about how stress is impacting you - with action steps to help you manage stress right now!

As with all of my podcasts and blogs, I am scratching the surface of concepts and theories with a bunch of science behind them so that you can see if they might work for you. 


In this episode you will learn:  

  1. How stress can affect your mind and your thoughts.
  2. What thinking traps are and how they can distract you from getting stuff done.
  3. Three strategies to start to pull yourself out of a...
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