#27 Hooking UP Mompreneurs with Sleep Tips for the Entire Family


What?  Sleep tips for the entire family?! I'm so excited to have Certified Pediatric Sleep Consultant and owner of Baby Sleep Team, Catherine Hart, as my guest. She is passionate about helping families get more sleep and ensures that parents are equipped to adapt to their own unique situation that will benefit the whole family.  #spoileralert - the things that help your little ones get more sleep can also help adults get more sleep! So if you don't have kids, this episode is still for you!

In this episode you will learn:

  1. How lack of sleep affects our days and our families as entrepreneurs 
  2. The benefits of getting enough quality sleep
  3. Tips that you can use TODAY to help you little ones sleep. Bonus: these work for adults too! 


How going without sleep affects Ellen:

"...when I do not get a good night's sleep. Because literally the next day it is like like a zombie is walking through my house, I am so much more emotional - like I'm quicker to anger....

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#26 4 Tips to Simplify Eating Veggies as a Family with Michal Sach


Today we HAVE A SPECIAL GUEST!  Michal Sach is a mom of 3 girls from Melbourne, Australia, and a plant-based child nutritionist. She is passionate about teaching mums how to nourish their kids with ease and confidence, bringing back the love of cooking from scratch and educating kids about the connection between food, their health and wellbeing.  I know you will love this conversation as much as I do.  Even though I don’t have kids, as soon as we got done recording I was in my kitchen implementing all the awesome tips we discussed. 

In this episode you will learn:

  1. That eating more plants is easier than you think.
  2. 4 strategies to simplify cooking and eating more veggies
  3. Ways to invite your family into healthy eating

How Michal became so passionate about eating a plant based diet:

"And as the moms that are listening now it is overwhelming as a mom. And even more overwhelming as a nutritionist because you get so many diets, so many research papers,...

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