#40 Supporting Young Adults with Delicia Alacorn


OMG, before we dive in, I wanted to let you know that I made you something awesome.  Because you’re schedule’s packed.  Your day is full.  And you have absolutely no idea what’s for dinner tonight.  I get it.  So I created a Simple Fall Meals Series to help you eat healthy this fall.  Delivered directly to your inbox, this five part series will help you simplify your meals and make eating healthy easy.  Sign up <<HERE>> 


Today we HAVE a guest, Delicia Alarcon.  Delicia is a First Gen Latina who knows how tough it is to apply to colleges, go through undergrad, and navigate the job application process.  So, she became an Academic and Career Coach for young adults who want to build their skills to stand-out in the college application process, job market, and build confidence in life and your career!    After graduating from Fairfiled University,  she did Teach For America and...

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