Healthy Hangover Hacks for the Holidays

hacks healthy Nov 25, 2019

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One of my favorite things about being a health and wellness expert is that I know a bunch of remedies for when I want to do really stupid things.  For instance, if I were to eat an entire block of cheddar cheese, I have some herbal remedies that makes it possible for me to do this without several days worth of unfortunate consequences.  While I can’t make stupid choices for my body all the time (although, I love to try!), I can use my knowledge to help me get away with some things. 


My body + red wine

We all react differently to alcohol.  For some of us, there are no after effects to having a few drinks. For others, it can range from constipation to diahrhea to a crazy headache to vomiting and nausea.  Or, depending on what you had to drink and how many - all of the above. Or, if...

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