#14 Forgiveness is exhausting, but worth your time


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What? We are still working on self-compassion?!  And that's somehow related to forgiveness? Yup.  Welcome to part 5 of this 6-part series. 

In this episode you will learn:

  1. The 5 steps to forgiveness
  2. Some ways to forgive others and why that’s useful for you
  3. Some ways to forgive yourself and why that’s useful for you


Let’s start by saying this… forgiveness is really freaking hard.  It’s exhausting. But spending time and energy and thoughts and emotions on being angry at yourself or someone else is also exhausting.  Ugh. And, no surprise, self-compassion is a big part of forgiveness.  


What I’m NOT saying:

I am NOT saying you have to forgive anyone or everyone. I am NOT saying that everything is forgivable. I believe that some...

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