#20 - 3 Steps to Help You Meal Prep


Today we are going to get to explore why and how to meal prep.  What is meal prepping and how can it help you?   And of course this will include action you can take today.  That’s right, you can get started transforming your life right now.  


In this episode you will learn:

  1. What is meal prepping?
  2. Why and how it can be valuable to you.
  3. A 3 step process to help you start meal prepping


What is meal prepping?

Well, lots of people say that it’s this thing or the other thing.  Here’s how I think about it:  it’s a way to prepare food that helps you achieve a goal.  Maybe you are wanting to eat healthier overall, but find it challenging in the hustle of day to day life to cook and eat healthy.  Maybe cooking is getting in the way of you being as productive as you would like.  Maybe you hate cooking and want to get it done.  Meal prepping is a way to create several meals at once - the idea...

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