#46 Having Fellow Entrepreneurs for Friends Helps you Stay Sane


PODCAST TAKE OVER!  This week one of my entrepreneur friends interviews ME!  Crazy!  The roles are reversed and you get a behind the scenes look at my life.  Lynn Coleman and I are part of a group that meets every week to support each other in our businesses.  I can't tell you how important these weekly meetings have been for me over the past few challenging months - and for my business growth.  Lynn is an expert in authentic messaging and communication, so when she asked if she could interview me on my podcast, I said YES.  

We dive into:

  1. Why being healthy, happy, and mostly sane is so important to you and your business - and what each of them means.
  2. Why creating your own team of entrepreneur friends is valuable and how it can help you to feel less isolated.
  3. If I had to pick, which is my favorite:  my baby Yoda action figure or my Kamala Harris action figure.

mostly sane....

Ellen: "I put mostly staying in there, because I see so...

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#35 Step into Your Mess (+ Your Genius) with Beth Nydick


Before we get started, I’m so excited to share with you my upcoming 6 week program to help you take back your health.  Listen, 2020 has totally screwed us over in so many ways, and we can’t keep indefinitely watching Scandal on the couch while eating pizza.  So, if you’re tired of feeling like crap all of the time, sluggish and unmotivated (and how that’s impacting your business) - let’s start taking your health back.  It starts soon and I’m only taking 6 people because I know that one of the most important things for you is to have someone focused on supporting you and providing accountability.  I’d love to tell you more about it!  <<HERE>>


I’m so excited you are here today’s episode with special guest Beth Nydick.

Beth Nydick is a speaker, author, and a magnetic business mentor. She shows her clients how to strategically prepare their business and to use collaboration to...

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