#31 Finding Your Style with Holly Chayes


Hello!  I’m so excited you are here today for Podcast #31  Finding Your Style with Holly Chayes.  As busy entrepreneurs it can be so challenging to figure out what to wear in the morning.  Holly helps us cut through all of the noise inside our head and in our closet to find our true style.

Holly is a style and wardrobe consultant (which is the coolest job ever!). She works with you to bring your clothing into alignment with who you are, and who you feel you are meant to be. In short, she fixes what's broken in your wardrobe. She is also the host of Talking About Clothes with Holly Chayes, where she talks about clothes with people who wear them.

In this episode you will learn:

  1. Why it’s important to find out what works for you with your clothing.
  2. Secrets to online shopping so that clothes actually fit you.
  3. Tips to create a minimalist wardrobe and how that can reduce decision fatigue.


 Clothing and Fashion are NOT a frivolous thing...

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