#58 Simple and Profitable with Kim Carson-Richards


It doesn’t have to be so hard.  Learn how to keep it simple in your business with Kim Carson-Richards.  Kim and her biz partner Kat run the Profitable Impact Academy - where they help entrepreneurs make a big impact by keeping things simple - which is, of course, an over simplification in the expertise she’s bringing to the podcast today.  She has started 3 successful businesses, become a best-selling author and spoken on over 200 stages - finding a way to combine doing what she loves and still having time for her family. 

In this episode you will learn:

  1. How to ditch the hustle and grind for hustle and flow
  2. Why the grind is NOT a necessary part of entrepreneurship
  3. How chasing what you love makes everything easier
  4. ONE thing you can do right now to keep it simple and grow your impact
  5. Why being clear on your values can help keep you healthy, happy, and sane while running your business.

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#29 Taking Imperfect Action with Danielle Slagel


Today we HAVE A SPECIAL GUEST... Danielle Slagel. 

Danielle has more than 10 years of corporate sales experience, starting out in a Fortune 500 company in sales operations, moving to a tech start-up as VP of global strategy & sales, before finally branching out to launch her own sales and business strategy company with the mission to serve female entrepreneurs by creating resources and a community that allows them to step into who they are meant to be, sell with confidence, and create consistent income.

Full disclosure - Danielle is my business coach - so any time you see me doing something awesome or well - that’s totally her fault.

In this episode you will learn:

  1. Behind the scenes details from Danielle’s first year of entrepreneurship
  2. How she prioritizes her health and wellness while running a business
  3. The one thing she sees her clients doing to support their health and wellness (#spoileralert - this is your action step)

Taking Imperfect Action


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