#25 Embrace Your Enoughness: Setting Boundaries with Krista Resnick

boundaries Jun 30, 2020

This week I am so excited to welcome special guest Krista Resnick.  She is a leadership expert, speaker and podcaster who teaches women how to rise in all aspects of themselves.  She is the creator/founder of The Selfish Badass Movement where she helps women practice the Art of Radical Soul Care and Self Leadership.  Krista teaches women entrepreneurs, leaders and visionaries to put themselves on the front burner of life by aligning with their purpose and grounding themselves in their vision so that they can rise without compromise.

In this episode you will learn:

  1. How to define radical self-care (and why it’s so important)
  2. How to shift your mindset about boundaries and embrace your self-worth (I told you we are diving deep!)
  3. Action steps to start setting boundaries today


In this episode we get to take a deep dive with Krista, who highlights some of the questions you might never have asked yourself about why it's so hard to set...

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#24 I Say NO to That - So I Can Say YES to This


Today we are going to discuss saying ‘NO’ to more things so that you have the space and energy to say ‘YES’ to things you value and want.  And of course this will include action you can take today.  That’s right, you can get started changing your life right now.  


In this episode you will learn:

  1. How to shift your mindset about saying ‘NO’
  2. 6 things you can start saying ‘NO’ to right now
  3. How to figure out what to say ‘NO’ to and what to say ‘YES’ to


Saying no to things can be really freaking hard!  But when we say no to some things it gives us the space to say yes to other things. 

When I first started my business, I said ‘YES’ to everything and anything.  Most of it for free.  When you have skills like mine (yoga, Ayurveda, stress management, coaching) you get asked to do a bunch of stuff for free.  I want to serve.  I...

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