4 easy steps to savor the holidays, while enjoying your work #wins

The holidays are fast approaching - and by fast I mean that it snowed on Halloween and sent my neighbors into a tailspin that resulted in Christmas lights the very next day.  Also, the cold weather on Halloween means that no candy left my house. It’s been a rough couple of weeks. Candy. Feeling this sense like the holidays are rushing towards me like an unstoppable train.  More Candy. 

Here’s the thing - I still want to get work done during the holidays.  I love my job. I want to be doing it most of the time. The holiday season offers some great distractions and moments that I truly value, but I mostly have visions of sugar plum fairies who help me improve my website SEO or spending time getting to help clients strategize for an awesome 2020.   

So, how can I work on enjoying the holidays more - while still being focused on getting stuff done in the job that I love?


I wanted to introduce you to a concept called savoring.  Savoring is basically the idea that if you take the time to savor the positive things - the things you love, those amazing moments, including those picture perfect holiday moments when all of your kids are getting along - when you take the time to pause, notice the awesome, and really connect to it, then it can make you happier. When you are happier, you are less stressed, more able to focus, and more calm. 

Savoring might seem like something you’ve done before with food or with wine, and then with more wine, mmmm wine – but it’s also something that you can do with moments and experiences. And it’s something you can do intentionally.  It can not only help to enhance your overall experience in your life, but it can help make you happier. 

Savoring is an easy way to make the holidays more enjoyable, but it can also be a great tool to celebrate wins at work (which helps you get more done).

Of course, like everything else I share with you, there is lots of science behind the concept of Savoring.

Savoring Holiday Memories

I have this very clear memory from when I was just five or six years old. I remember coming downstairs and seeing the Christmas tree with all the presents. But behind our couch was a red blanket covering something giant, or at least it looked giant to me as a kid.  I ran over without asking if it was for me, pulled off the blanket, and discovered MY VERY FIRST BIKE!!! Yes, even 35 years later this deserves exclamation points because that’s how excited I am even thinking about it now! It was a beautiful pink Strawberry Shortcake bike with a yellow banana seat.  It even had streamers on the handles. It is this clear perfect holiday moment and it is stuck in my head forever frozen in time.

And I think that this is the kind of moment that we not only want for ourselves during the holidays, but it’s the kind of moment that we hope to create for others as well.

How do you savor stuff in the middle of the chaos of the holidays?

Don’t worry - I’ve made you list, checked it twice.

Step 1 - When things are awesome, stop and notice.  Even if it’s just for a second, stop and notice.  

Step 2 - Consider (in the moment or later when you think back), why was this moment so amazing? What did I love about it? Why did I value it so much? What did it feel like to be in that moment?

Step 3 - Share your experience with someone.  Maybe to your husband, “This moment is perfect.  The snow outside, the family together, laughing and playing board games.  I’m so happy.” Text a picture to your bestie, “Wishing you were here for our amazing holiday.  Laughter. Food. Sally loves your gift.”

Step 4 - Record it.  Take a picture. Make a note in your planner.  Make a note somewhere. Hold on to these moments so that you can come back to them when you need them.

Why savoring work wins helps you get more done

You can apply the same 4 steps above to your wins at work.  When you are able to notice your wins and to savor them, it motivates you to win more.  It also helps to build your self-efficacy, which is your belief that you can do something.  You can do hard things. You do them all the time. But if you overlook them, then you are missing out on leveraging your accomplishments to do more.

When I don’t take the time to celebrate and savor my wins I’m doing myself, and my business, a disservice.  Yes, because I work alone, sometimes I’m just high-fiving myself. But it matters. What I do matters. When I do it well, it matters.  And all of this helps to motivate me to do more and be more and create more. It fuels me - at work and through the holidays.

How I failed to savor my website win, but regrouped and triumphed  

I had finally finished my new website (replacing two previous ones).  The branding. The photos. The graphics. The copy. The email sequences.  You know what I’m talking about. It’s a huge win. So, what do I do to celebrate?  Move onto the next project! LOL. Such a #fail in practicing what I preach. I just moved on, like I hadn’t just devoted a butt load of time and energy to something that I was really excited and passionate about creating.  I literally posted the site, making it live for everyone to see, and then went back to my ‘to do’ list. Fast-forward to 3 days later and I realized that I hadn’t savored this very big #win.  

4 Steps I used to Savor my Work Win

I followed steps 1-4 above:  

  1. I noticed my win. My website is up!  I did it! I’m so glad it’s done! 
  2. I thought about why it meant so much to me and how it felt to get it done.  I love the design of it, I love what I wrote on it, I love that I’m finally giving myself permission to just be me.  I feel happy, excited, and hopeful as I think about it.
  3. I shared it with my friends.  I sent out a bunch of texts and within minutes had gotten back so much love and encouragement.  
  4. I recorded it.  In case you didn’t know, I’m obsessed with my planners, so it’s in there - “Website went live. #win” and some hearts around it in glitter.  I love glitter.  


Savor YOUR work wins and holiday moments

How could savoring make your holidays better?

How could savoring your own #wins at work make you more awesome in your business?

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