5 steps to accomplish more by being more realistic about your time

I’m getting excited about the New Year because I love to plan!  But I can get a little out of touch with reality fairly quickly.  For instance, I will not be cooking healthy and awesome meals daily because that’s insane and I don’t have 5 extra hours every day.  Instead, I meal prep on Sundays to make sure I’m able to focus on eating healthy all week long - but while still being realistic about my time.

What are your biggest priorities and how can you make sure they will happen?

How can you set yourself up for accomplishing ALL of your goals for next year?  

By being more realistic about how long things really take to get done and then planning for it.  


You will accomplish more

If you are able to be realistic about how long things really take, then you can plan better and accomplish more. You can enable yourself to be more successful because the goal is actually possible. It can also allow to prioritize to focus on what's most important right now, and delay some projects that simply aren't doable right now. 



Time is limited

I know you already know this, but there are only 24 hours in the day.  And at some point, you probably need to sleep. And see your kids. And running your own business is awesome, but it's also really forking hard.  We all have big dreams and big goals - but they all take time. 

How much time does it really take?

Consider a project you are working on right now.  Break it down and consider how much time it will take to complete it.  

For example: Posting a blog

  • writing the post = 1 hour
  • editing, adding in research and links = 30min
  • images - for the blog, for social media, etc = 30min
  • Total = 2 hours

For example, a common daily task: Dropping the kids off at school

  • get kids fed and dressed = ha! let's say 1 hour
  • get kids into the car = 15min?
  • drive to school = 15min, without traffic
  • wait in line, say goodbye and off they go = 5 min
  • drive back home (but first, coffee) = 30 min
  • Total time = about 2 hours!!!!

And now, when will you fit this in to your schedule?

One of the toughest things is to figure out how everything fits into your schedule.  If you plan enough time for JUST THIS ONE THING, then it is much more likely to get done.  Yes, sometimes your estimates for how long something takes is off, but that's fine! You learn and try again.  Block the time off and see what happens. Once you see all of your commitments in your schedule, you can begin to think about your business goals for the week more realistically.  



5 steps to accomplish more by being more realistic about your time

Create your own realistic schedule for this upcoming week:

  1. Get your planner out.  Be sure it has a full week to look at with hours for each day.  Use my favorite planner, The Passion Planner’s, free resource if you don't have one.
  2. Write out all of your obligations into the planner for this upcoming week: client appointments, meetings, doctors appointments, dinner with friends, yoga class, your kid's soccer game, etc...
  3. Include all of the necessities of life: all of your meals, time to sleep, showering and getting ready to leave the house, etc...
  4. Be sure to include the details you might overlook - how long it takes to drive to work, how long it takes to cook dinner, how long it takes to put the kids to bed (how long it really takes, not the fantasy you tell yourself), etc...
  5. Now, look at your week.  What do you see?  Where does your available time exist and how can you use it?  How can this reality check to help you to get more done, to be more focused on what's most important in your business and your life?

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