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#69 You Don't Have to Do It All: How to Hire Freelancers with Emily Perron

growing business growth hiring freelancers self-care time management May 04, 2021

Entrepreneurs can sometimes be not so great at asking for help.  If we can do it, we think we should.  For instance, I do my own website and social media even though I probably shouldn’t be doing either!  Ha!  Today’s guest Emily Perron, helps businesses do just that - outsource the work that will help them thrive! 

In today’s episode you will learn:

  1. What stops business owners from hiring freelancers or outsourcing
  2. How to think outside the box with hiring - it’s not all VA’s, you can be more strategic
  3. What ONE thing she wishes solopreneurs knew about outsourcing
  4. What steps you can take today to start working on expanding your team TODAY


Emily Perron helps bloggers and creative entrepreneurs expand and improve their teams with talented freelancers. Her number one goal is to align the right person with the right role. She teaches her strategic hiring process inside her signature course, The Hiring Fix, and also works one-on-one with clients looking to bring on high-quality support.


What stops solopreneurs and small biz owners from hiring help

Emily: "I think part of it is what we were just talking about the personal piece that it's so personal, it's hard. It's just hard to get going. I think another piece that I've seen is that it's it's also hard to let go of control. Because the letting go of control is big, because you, you won't be doing it. And you have to shift into more of a manager role at most tasks. And you have to build in more time. So you just need more lead times. So you can give feedback, and allow that person to then implement what you want."

Emily: "I think those are like the big, like, the big three things that hold people back. And notice like, none of them are financial, like, yes, that's a piece of it. But but like only I think, like that's so individual, like when you're feeling ready to invest those resources."


Hiring help isn't magical, it doesn't just fix everything fast - but it does help you grow

Emily: "it's just such a process, like, it's a growth process. And so I do think of one client, so my client, my private clients tend to, they tend to have already hired and it hasn't gone well. And so they're bringing me in because they're struggling. And so typically, they have a couple freelancers, helping them. But even with that level, like they've got a little bit of support in place, they're still like, they're just becoming happier as well, like, in terms of just like feeling better. So I think a Melissa Melissa is a good example from last summer, I hired actually a VA for her, but she was a VA that was very focused on Pinterest. And the transformation that I've been watching with her has been really fun to see how much happier She is like the relief she's getting. And like the lower stress levels, I think of like, her health improving, because she doesn't have her backlog of projects. So she was a food blogger. And so she doesn't have, like, she just had this huge backlog of projects, and it was weighing on her and she was never getting to it. It was affecting her business numbers too, because she wasn't, you know, doing the things she was supposed to be doing on, you know, in terms of SEO and, and Pinterest strategy. She just wasn't getting to it. And so she just had this attitude of like, Okay, done is better than perfect, I just need to do these things. And so that's like, was kind of her tipping point, like we were talking about, like, she just got to this point where she realized she had to let go of control or her business was going to stagnate, you know, or continue to not grow. And like her house was going to continue to decline as well."


Don't fall into a competence trap!

For example, I could be the one working on my website - I can do that - but it's a trap.

Emily: "I often talk about the zone of competence traps, like we talked about. But like the trap is competence, because it's easy to outsource your stuff. You're not good at right in competence, the lowest level, like, that's easy to get help on. But competence. It's like, anytime I hear myself, even me, like even now like with a small team and all of that. And all the growth I've done, I still there's things I can do. And I'm always like, wait, that's the warning sign. I can do it. But someone else said, You know, I just keep a list."


Hiring professionals to help grow your biz is MORE than just a VA

Emily: "I think the other one too is just not knowing what like what you need and In terms of  the roles, I think there's just like everyone sees everyone online hiring virtual assistants, and so they think they need a virtual assistant, but they might not actually need a virtual assistant, they might need a project manager, or a social media specialist, or a writer and editor. Um, so we're just kind of trained in this solopreneur space,  you have to have a VA,  that's the first role you have to get. And it's like, I'm here to say, like you don't like, that might not be the right role."


You DON'T have to hire a full-time employee

Emily: "I think one of the things I wish more people knew is they don't have to hire a full time employee...o the freelancing space is so much more flexible, you can have a specialist, you know, someone who specialized in social media or writing or project management, you can have them for two or three hours a week, and not 40. So it becomes so much more affordable, even though they're a contractor, and you're paying them maybe hourly, so maybe you, you pay them more than you would an employee a little bit. But at $30, even if let's say that's $30 an hour for the role, you're paying $90 a week, to free up like your time and your energy and your mind on these tasks. It's it gets pretty powerful pretty quickly. And it's a great way to tap into that."


Take action TODAY!

Emily: " before I had my core team of three, I have three freelancers that helped me right now. Before I had them, I made like a dream team list. So I kind of like drew out all the roles I wanted. And I thought about like what they would do. And I was like, Okay, these are the roles I want to hire over the next three years. And now I have I have that team. And I think I drew that out in 2017. So and it's 2021. Now. So I think that's one thing to do is just just start thinking about the roles and in order to like figure out those roles. The step before that is just to start noticing what needs to be done. And I like to then categorize it into those zones of work. So gary Hendricks he has those four zones. So it's in competence, competence, excellence, and genius. And so I just start noticing. So tracking your time for a week or two is a really good way to do this. Because you can start noticing you start noticing what you're not getting to. You can also start noticing like how much of your time are you spending incompetence or competence? Because those are really the two target areas. You're going to get your most bang for your buck outsourcing those from those two spaces."

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