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#67 Inspire Yourself through Breath with Larissa Carlson

balance breathing techniques creativity flow pranayama Apr 20, 2021
Creativity and inspiration are essential for entrepreneurs and their businesses to grow and thrive.  But, how do we fit those things in during our crazy days of actually running a business?!!
One of my favorite experts (and one of my teachers) Larissa Carlson shares some simple breathing techniques and ideas about how to create space for creativity in your daily life.  I'm so excited for you to get to learn from her. 

In today’s episode you will learn:

  1. How to keep your flow of energy balanced - and why that’s essential for entrepreneurs
  2. The connection between inspiration and creativity - and mindfulness and breath work
  3. A guided belly breath - so you can experience it for yourself


Larissa Carlson, M.A. in Mindfulness Studies, E-RYT 500, is a Mindful Living teacher, Ayurvedic Yoga Specialist, Ayurvedic Practitioner, End-of-Life Doula, Yee Yoga teacher, Yoga Teacher Training Director, Prenatal Yoga teacher, and Kripalu Center faculty member. She is co-director of Yoga Journal's online courses "Ayurveda 101" and “Ayurveda 201,” the former Education Manager of Kripalu's Institute for Extraordinary Living, and the former Dean of the Kripalu School of Ayurveda.  Larissa leads transformative, empowering, and inspiring classes, workshops, and trainings around the world. She is known for her exceptional knowledge of yoga and Ayurveda, deep practice, and professionalism.


Creating more space for creativity (and productivity)

Larissa: "There's something to peace and quiet that allows for enhanced efficiency and effectiveness and function, you know, in slowing down in taking time off and resetting and relaxing, it actually does create more space to to get things done. So it's really fascinating that it seems like a tug of war, it seems like a paradox, you know, and it is really the path of sustainability. You know, to create space to say no to things to release what feels like dead weight in work and responsibilities and social commitments, and entertainment choices, you know, to actually trim down to let go to free up some space and time and energy from the things that get so caught up in the hustle and bustle, you know, they seem like they can't be released. But so many of them can easily be let go. When creating more space."


Just breathe...

Larissa: "breathwork is my passion. It's my specialty. And just thinking about the different words that are used to describe the breath, one, of course being to inspire, to breathe in to take in, right. And here and we're talking I'm talking to you about inspiration and creativity, you know, and so, what better way what more effective and efficient way what more sustainable way to inspire oneself than through the deepening of one's breath. Right. So there's air and energy and oxygen all around us. And yet, when we're on the move, and busy and tense, there seems to be a lack of flow of energy in the system. And so often we get an uneven distribution of energy. You know, getting really heady, especially talking a lot making decisions being on the go, driving, staring at screens all day. There's so much demand for an up and out energy pattern. And so that can at first feel very uplifting and and actually energizing and inspiring and exciting. But it tends to leave folks at the end of the day feeling worn down, exhausted, depleted, mentally scattered, feeling kind of spazzy or spread too thin, you know, headaches, ringing in the ears, irritated bloodshot eyes, incomplete thoughts and sentences, you know, like the this up and out energy flow gets too much momentum and then it kind of Peters out. Yeah. And so energy doesn't only flow up and out, energy also flows down in in. And so for looking out the way that our bodies are energized, energized by blood and plasma and energized by by good nourishment and vitamins and minerals and the diet energized by protein, the energy is actually spread throughout the whole body, it's spread throughout all the bones and muscles and tissues and organs and, and so there's not just a use of energy that is flowing up and out to get things done. But there's a deep energy that flows down in in that it creates a sense of groundedness and steadiness, stability, and calmness. And these energy flows are energy rivers are kind of we can think of them as two highways of energy, you know, the up energy highway and the downward energy highway, we each have our favorites, you know, and sometimes that one highway gets too much momentum, too much traffic on it, you know, and for most, it's that up and out energy pathway gets a little too much energy. And that can leave us having trouble, not only with feeling overly heady, but also feeling trouble getting to sleep, trouble sitting still feeling very fidgety, restless and ungrounded. And there's, there's very little creative energy that will arise when when the system is in that state. And so what's necessary is a replenishing a redistribution of energy downward, downward into the into the core, into the abdomen, you know, and down downward still. And so the breath and the control of the breath with awareness. And skillfulness has the ability to redirect the upward energy flow that gives us all that buzz and vibration and vitality. But but it's not sustainable. It will allow us to redirect that energy downward and inward creating an actual reservoir of energy, of lifeforce of vitality, that doesn't get easily drained or tapped. So it's much like refilling one's batteries, you know, charging up or filling up the scuba tanks, you know, when we can breathe in a way that soothes the nerves relaxes the blood pressure gives the mind a break from thinking. And what actually happens is there's a kind of a waterfall effect where that overly heaviness and the energy up in the head that's concentrated or throbbing there begins to flow downward into the rest of the body where it's much needed, and creates a sense of deep calmness and ease and peacefulness. And that's where creative energy is generated. It's generated from the core, you know, we speak about this all the time, you know, creative energy is born from the core, you know, it's the, from the, from the, the, the womb, of creative energy, you know, we can actually charge that up with breath work."


Fit it into YOUR day

Larissa: "the beauty It's really simple, you know, the breath, work is free. And the so breathing techniques are free and accessible, and can be used in short, small doses throughout the day. And the beauty is that research has been done both on breath work and on mindfulness, which we'll also talk about proving again and again, that short, brief mini practices are actually most important. So doing a minute or two of breath work throughout the day, here, and there is much more important than doing a 20 minute breath work practice once in a while. The same will be true with meditation, doing a few minutes of mindfulness, a few minutes of slowing down. A few minutes of paying attention to the breath, or another anchor point, is much more effective and sustainable than meditating for an hour, once a week. "

Be sure to listen to the podcast to have Larissa guide you through a easy breathing exercise - that relaxed me so much while recording I had trouble getting back into the interview!!! lol. 

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Want to learn more about breath work?  Here is Larissa's 2-1/2 hour "Pranayama for Restoring Vitality" audio course for $22 <<HERE>>

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