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#64 The Magic of Brand Messaging Clarity with Kelly Sinclair

authenticity brand messaging branding stress management Mar 30, 2021

The magic of brand messaging - how clarifying your message basically makes your life easier - clarity helps busy entrepreneurs to have less stress, less overwhelm - sign me up please!

Kelly Sinclair is your brand and marketing fairy godmother. She equips passionate entrepreneurs with the magic wand they need to get clear on their message and who they serve so they can attract their dream clients and grow their businesses.

In this episode you will learn:

  1. Why brand messaging is an essential part of your business
  2. How clarifying your brand messaging gives you the space to grow and evolve over time - meaning it does NOT lock you in
  3. What ONE thing you could do TODAY to improve your brand messaging
  4. How clarity can give you power and control back in your business, and decrease overwhelm, stress, and burn out.  


How to start clarifying your messaging

Kelly: "Just do it. And then we'll find out we'll get the information by by way of if you start targeting your messaging at a particular audience, and it's not working, or you'll start targeting your messaging at a particular audience, and then you'll learn more about them. And then you'll be able to target that messaging even more. Ultimately, your brand, your message and all of that will evolve, your whole business will evolve. You start with a core and understand like your values and who you are and what you're trying to accomplish. And who's involved in that as far as who your clients are, then all evolves over time."


Start building your brand messaging foundation by choosing an audience and niche

Kelly: "Choose your niche. I think it's all about that, in any course I've ever taken related to business, it's always about, it's always about the niche, right. And when it comes to your marketing strategy, or your communication strategy, or your brand strategy, whatever you want to call it, there's sort of the same sort of different, the first thing you need to know is who you're talking to, you can decide like this, this dictates whether you should be on Instagram or Tiktok. Or whether you should be meeting people or advertising in a certain way. Like, all of that comes back to who are you trying to reach? So where are they? "

Kelly: "I know, you're thinking you're thinking, I don't want to do that. Because that means that I'm going to exclude somebody or that means that I'm going to have to turn somebody away. Or that means that I'm going to leave money on the table. And it's not true, actually, and one of the things I love about getting really clear about who your niche is and who you're talking to, is that it actually gives you more confidence. Like, as a business owner, you now know, who you serve to such a level of detail, that you know, that what you're doing, that you're offering them is making a difference, you know, that it changes their life, you know, the transformation it creates? And how amazing does that feel? When you know that about what you do, you now have the confidence to go out and start marketing yourself. Because one of the key things when it comes to marketing is that you believe in it, you have to believe in what you do yourself. Right? So you have to choose who you're serving. Choose now shift later if you need to, but just choose."


Clarity is power (and that gives you confidence)

Kelly: "clarity is power. First of all, like as soon as you have clarity, it's it just keeps you from being that feeling of stuck from that feeling of I don't know what to say, I don't know what to post. I'm not doing anything because I don't know what I'm talking about or who I'm talking to you like we've peeled back all of the layers to get to the core foundation of your brand. And it gives you permission to show up as you are because you know that you're not trying to be somebody For for the show. You're not trying to fit yourself into a box. And it just, it feels right I, you can't see me. But I always have this feeling of alignment where you just know, you know, down at your core that the way that you're showing up in how you're promoting yourself on social media, the way that you're showing up in how you're serving your clients, it all feels in alignment. And I don't think there's anything better than that. It's just so amazing. Because when you understand your core brand, and message, that's where it all comes from, and everything comes out of that."

Take action

Kelly: "whenever I talk about brand strategy, I like to define it as everything that you wish that you had done before you started your social media accounts before you started writing your website, copy, etc. Like, we tend to want to go straight into the tactics, right? Like, Oh, okay. And people always ask me, well, where should I market myself? Right? Should I be on all these platforms? Or should I do an ad in the paper? Or should I, whatever it is tactic? And I'm like, Well, that depends. That's a great approach. But who are you trying to reach? And what are you trying to say? And so the message and the audience is a key key part of that brand strategy, and why you need to figure it out before you go and start, like pasting yourself all over randomly, like seeing what sticks. That's that that's that whole like spaghetti on the wall marketing approach, when you don't know who you're talking to your what your message is."

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