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#62 Trust Your Brain: ADHD as a Superpower with AnnMarie Espina

design your day flow superpower your perfect day Mar 16, 2021

Whether you have ADHD or not, this episode will help you create a strategy to take back your day by listening to your brain and giving it what it wants and needs.  As entrepreneurs we are lucky enough to be able to design our days - consider the advantages of knowing how best to do that!

Today’s special guest is AnnMarie Espina.  AnnMarie is an ADHD Coach and Life Enthusiast with a Bachelors in Health Promotion.  She is on a mission to create a global movement where those with ADHD can use it to the best of their ability and believes that ADHD can be a superpower. 

In today’s episode you will learn…

  1. Why it’s so important to start with what AnnMarie calls “the inside work.”
  2. What ADHD is
  3. How to go with the flow and what works for you - and why this is an essential skill for entrepreneurs


Working from the inside out...

AnnMarie: " I get to connect with other women and I have the skills now to totally help take them from a place where they're feeling really scattered, not as competent, and sometimes almost hopeless, and moving into a place where they actually can manage their ADHD and manage their life and all of that kind of stuff. And they're at a place where they're thriving. You know, I use a method that's called working from the inside out. So we don't focus on anything external, we really go inwards, and really focus on the things that are within inside of inside of us and creating this beautiful relationship where your life just gets easier. I work with a lot of women, for their ADHD, but they actually report back to me all the time, like my relationship with my husband's better my relationship with my partner is better. My friendships are getting better. I actually talked to my mom now and told her things that I'm learning in the course. And she realized that, you know, she could change things in her life as well. So it's had this huge ripple effect. And it's been so amazing."

 AnnMarie: "It's, as soon as you start doing the inside out work, literally everything on the inside starts to change. And then everything in the outside world just like starts to kind of fall into line with it. And everything is easier. You know, I say to a lot of my clients, when they sign up, you know, you don't get once you finish with me, you don't get impacted by whatever is going on in the external world anymore. COVID here, that doesn't matter. Because at your core, you feel confident you're grounded in who you are, and in your own two feet. So the world could literally be crumbling. But it's okay, because you've got your own back."


What is ADHD?

AnnMarie: "ADHD is typically characterized by issues with executive function so such as time management, time blindness, so you know, you lose track of time. You can show up to appointments late hyperfocused is another thing so if you find something that you're interested in, you zone in and you are in the zone. Sometimes you know you forget to eat or you forget to do all the things. Let require doing. So it shows up very differently for everybody. But typically it's executive function. You know, things like daydreaming, we're really creative, can be impulsive, which I think it's such a gift. And yeah, that's probably the basics of ADHD. And some emotional. We can like interrupt people when they're speaking or our emotions can sometimes get out of control. But, you know, I, I work on a strengths based approach. So I always say that you're at a, you know, your ADHD is the side of ketchup that the server forgot to bring. You are the five star serving serve at a Michelin resort Michelin restaurant. So it's very much, there's so much more to you. And I think, because we struggle with a lot of other things in our lives. And, you know, it can be challenging. But I like to place the focus on other things like what can we make work for us? "

Find your flow and what works for you

AnnMarie: "And this goes for everybody, not just people with ADHD, but you know, there's this box that we're expected to fit in and be perfect. And this is how we're supposed to operate our business. And this is how, you know, everything is supposed to look and we're supposed to be all put together. And you know, I always say like, just let it flow. Like just be who you are. Just let your mind work the way that it wants to work, stop trying to construct it to these, you know, ways of how you think it's supposed to work and how it's supposed to operate and what the literature says about what the problems and symptoms are associated with ADHD and totally just allowing it to work the way that it wants. I have a client she has a carpentry business. And she was saying, you know, she was really feeling really deflated before she started working with me and I said just trust your brain. It's very much about trusting and allowing, like trust your brain is going to figure it out. Just let your brain knows how to show up for you just allow it to, you know, maybe run its course maybe it's not in the completely ordered fashion that you want it to but just chill like it's going to get the Job done. And she actually said that she was like I, she came so excited to report to me, she's like, I just let my brain do what it had to do. And honestly, my day was so much better, my activity was 100 times higher. She's like, maybe it wasn't in the systemized way that I typically would have done it. But she's like I had, we got the project done in like, no time. And so she was so happy, it was awesome to see because it's, that's what's inside of you. Those are your gifts. That's what you've been given. Just allow your brain and body to function as it needs to."


Trust your brain!

AnnMarie: " I think we all start to second guess ourselves, especially on social media. If you are online, I am online too sometimes. And I will totally start comparing myself to other people. And it's like, hang on, this is my journey. This is the reason why I got here and it, it happens to everybody, you know, it's just checking yourself getting back in your lane. And one of the mantras that I use, especially when I was very, very first starting out was I trust my brain and heart to get what I need. And I just say that over and over."

AnnMarie: "I tell it to my clients all the time, too. It's like, you know, we we try and analyze our way through life and do all of these things and we take away so much power that is in your subconscious mind that it is 95% of your brain function, your analytical mind is five, you know, we try and analyze our way through life, it's like, you can't do that it's exhausting. Just start to trust yourself. And like, surrender to the fact that you have educated yourself, you have given yourself all of the tools that you possibly can, you know, make a decision, you know, kind of move on with it once, if the decision doesn't work out, make another decision, you know, so having a bit more compassion and space for yourself. And it always works out. When you trust yourself more, everything works out so much easier."

There's so much more on the podcast - be sure to check it out!!


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