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playing to improve productivity, creativity, and less stress

#61 Playing as Adults for a Thriving Business (+ Life) with Kara Latta

creativity productivity stress management Mar 09, 2021

When was the last time you asked someone to come out and play?  When was the last time you played as an adult?

Learning how to play as an adult can have a HUGE impact on your business (and sanity) - because it turns out it has all sorts of benefits - in addition to being fun. 

The science based benefits of play include....drumroll please...improved productivity, better problem solving, more creativity, better able to work with others (ha!) - it also helps out with stress and anxiety.

Of course, I found an expert in play!!

Kara Latta is the Founder and Chief Fun Officer of The Playful Warrior. She is also the Creator of ThoughtPLAY, a unique coaching model that uses the power of play and subconscious reprogramming to help humans thrive. 

In today’s episode you will learn:

  1. What “play” is
  2. The benefits of play
  3. How play can help you in your business


 Benefits of play

Kara: "honestly, there are so many benefits of play. First of all, I think what comes to mind for people is it's fun, and it brings you more joy, which is amazing. But there are a lot of other benefits that we should really be taking this more seriously and implementing this in our life. So first of all, it gives you so much more productivity by taking these breaks, and really just filling up your cup, you are actually fueling your brain so you can become more productive and do tasks more efficiently, which is amazing, you are becoming more adaptable, you're using your imagination, which helps you come up with a new problem solving skills, and really just firing up your brain, it actually improves your memory and improves your focus, which is amazing, helps you with teamwork, and collaborating with other people. And then which is so important right now is mental health. It really helps with your health and well being. It helps you reduce stress and anxiety gives you more of those good feel good hormones like dopamine and all that good stuff. And what I love as well is it really helps heal relationships, too. I've seen that happen where couples without play in a relationship honestly can really die. So playfulness is so important to keep a relationship healthy and thriving. Yeah, and then oh my goodness, it connects us to creativity as well. Right? So it's funny because people will always put play at the bottom of the priority list. And they'll think like, maybe if I have time, it's like nice to do. But it's actually a burning problem. Like not playing is a burning problem. Because we're burning problem means like, this is something you really need to do for whether it's your relationship or your business or your personal life. Because when you play, it's actually going to help you with your business to you're going to make more money. Because honestly, I just say the more fun you have, the more money you make, because you're just so connected to self. You're so creative, you're so adaptable in your energetics are just so appealing for other people."


What is play?

Kara: "play is fun. It's curiosity. It's exploring. But it's not outcome based, it is not competitive. It's truly just having fun in that moment. So for some people, for example, they love playing board games, which is amazing. That could be a form of play. But if you're so competitive, and if you play it and you don't win it and you have a terrible time, that's actually not play."


Yes, you can still play as an adult! 

Kara: "so many of us are shamed out of play, unfortunately. But yeah, like the true spirit of creativity is not mean good at something. So a lot of people will be like, Oh, I'm not creative. I can't draw. And it's like, it has nothing to do with that. Right. And like society kind of claims What good is in drawing, like, that's just so subjective. But yeah, like, it's really just thinking with things in a new perspective, trying new things being open minded, exploring. So we all have access to this. It's just about rediscovering that."

Kara: "sometimes, as humans, we need to rationalize things. And by hearing that, okay, this group of scientists is doing it, there's this research, we feel less guilty about prioritizing play. I mean, you shouldn't feel guilty in the first place. But when you have this list of a million to dues, and you realize that, okay, scientists are doing it. So this must mean that I can do it, and I don't need to feel guilty about it, I can take this time off, I can be silly, I can feel weird, whatever I want to do. And that just shows that okay, this is okay, I don't need to feel guilty."

Kara: "it is more joy. I mean, there's nothing more beautiful than seeing an adult connect back to their childlike wonder I just had the best time it is so amazing to see people smiling like they never have. But in terms of my life, like, I am so much more creative than I was a year ago. I mean, I just had to find it. But now I just have so many ideas all the time. It's really amazing. And it always happens when I'm playing like unconsciously you were just working stuff out in your brain when you're not even thinking about it. So now I just have so many more ideas. If something happens like a problem, per se, I just feel like I have the tools to deal with it more easily. You know, I can find more solutions available to me and feel less stressed about it. Really before especially my corporate job, so much stress all the time, like all or nothing mindset. But now I just feel like I'm really connected to solve, I will figure things out easily. And also more productivity. So much more productive now as well. I feel like before I lacked focus, I was kind of all over the place. But now I'm just so much more productive. I don't feel like I have to hustle as much either. So it's easier now to find that rest and just feel that sense of fulfillment really all the time."


Playing more can help your business

Kara: "doing play really helps you thrive in your business, because you're going to actually make more money, because you're going to be so creative, and adaptable, and you're actually managing any overwhelm, you're experiencing any burnout, all these things that really happen in your business, especially when we start or we're just when we're trying to scale our income is actually really designed to help you in your business. And I mean, I have tons of business experience as well after working almost 10 years in the corporate world."

Kara tells an amazing story about a client who used play to boost success in the podcast.


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