#60 3 Simple Steps to Take Back Control Over Your Stress


Stress can feel like this insurmountable thing that is beyond your control - BUT IT'S NOT!  I've helped hundreds of clients and students learn how to manage their stress and I'm sharing three simple 'go-to' steps that you can take TODAY to start to take back control over your stress.  

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I dive deep into each one of these steps in the episode, so be sure to listen.


Step One:  Be specific about WHAT stresses you out

This seems like a super-simple idea, but the most specific you can get the more control you can have over the stress.

Step Two:  Be specific about HOW the stress affects you

Again, it seems simple, but how is the stress affecting you?  Headaches or neck pain? Anxiety or anger?  Foggy brain or racing thoughts?  There are so many ways it can impact you and the more you know about how it shows up for you, the more easily you can recognize when it's happening.

Step Three: Be specific about WHY it bothers you

Why is this bothering you? It might be an unmet need or a value that's being challenged. The more clear you can be the more you can take back control.


Steps 1, 2 + 3 can be done on their own or in any order.  If you do these often enough you build awareness about your stress to the point that managing it can become a habit. 


Don't forget to get your FREE guide to Stress Less <<HERE>>

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