#6 Finding Balance: Where I Am Right Now and Why It Matters


In this episode you will learn:

  1. Why figuring out what’s going on with you right now is worth your time
  2. About a tool called the Life Balance Wheel
  3. How it can help you get a snapshot of your life right now
  4. How to prioritize your health and wellness goals 
  5. How to find more balance overall with all parts of your life while running a business


Why Health Assessments are freaking awesome (and useful)

One of the awesome things that assessments or quizzes or exercises that are about your health and wellness gives you is knowledge about what is going on with you right now.  I think that the importance of this concept is often overlooked.

When you are looking to change and evolve and grow, when are wanting to be healthier, happier and more sane, when you are wanting more calm and more focus - it’s important to know where you are starting from.  

When I know where I’m starting from - I can discover the things that are already working AND figure out what I would like to be different.

Here’s the other thing - it can help you track your progress because you have a starting point and can take it again later.  


The Life Balance Wheel

Click HERE to get your FREE download

I was first introduced to this exercise in my Wellcoaches Health and Wellness Coach training, and it’s become one of my ‘go to’ exercises to do with clients.  Generally, it’s something they fill out before we even meet. Here’s why: It gives them (and me as their coach) soooo much information. And it’s easy and fast.  There are lots of versions of this exercise - also usually called the Wheel of Life, but that name always felt too 'Lion King, circle of life' to me. So, I’ve made my own version and called it the Life Balance Wheel - because I think it’s focus is about finding balance - and I think you’ll agree after I describe it to you.  

One more thing I love about it - it allows my clients and students to see that they are a whole person, that they are more than just going to the gym x amount of times or how much money they make, etc.. There are a LOT of moving parts in our lives, and all of them impact us physically, mentally, and emotionally.  It’s so easy to have tunnel vision and miss that. 

So, click <HERE> to get your Life Balance Wheel - it includes instructions - I got you!  You can listen to the podcast while you have it in front of you - or come back later.

Action step:  After completing where you are right now in the Life Balance Wheel, and what you'd like to be different - pick ONE area on which to focus.  Set specific goals for that area.  Put a date (deadline) in your calendar by which you'd like to be at a higher number in that area and come back and do the Life Balance Wheel again to check your progress!

I'd love to hear about what you discover!  Shoot me an email or find me on Facebook

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