#58 Simple and Profitable with Kim Carson-Richards


It doesn’t have to be so hard.  Learn how to keep it simple in your business with Kim Carson-Richards.  Kim and her biz partner Kat run the Profitable Impact Academy - where they help entrepreneurs make a big impact by keeping things simple - which is, of course, an over simplification in the expertise she’s bringing to the podcast today.  She has started 3 successful businesses, become a best-selling author and spoken on over 200 stages - finding a way to combine doing what she loves and still having time for her family. 

In this episode you will learn:

  1. How to ditch the hustle and grind for hustle and flow
  2. Why the grind is NOT a necessary part of entrepreneurship
  3. How chasing what you love makes everything easier
  4. ONE thing you can do right now to keep it simple and grow your impact
  5. Why being clear on your values can help keep you healthy, happy, and sane while running your business.

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The grind of entrepreneurship is over-rated and NOT necessary.  Yup, you heard me!  It doesn't have to be so hard.

Learn more about how you can simplify and still grow!

"if you're not getting in front of enough people, if you're not getting the opportunity to share your message and share your why. What happens is you become the world's best kept secret. And that's when you do really encounter that hustle and grind." -Kim Carson-Richards

Let go of the grind!

Kim: "I like the term hustle and flow because business should be fun, right? Like make it simple. I heard this somewhere like make it simple, stupid. Like, we tend to like overcomplicate things or feel like success won't happen unless we're working hard. And that's what happened to me. So in our first year of business, when cat and I started working together, I was delaying things. I was delaying gratification. So I was delaying spending time with my family because I thought I needed to grind. Like the harder I thought the harder I thought there was like a direct correlation between grinding and like results in the business. So the harder I worked, the more of my personal time I sacrifice the sooner we would see results and I would justify it in the back of my mind by saying well I know once the business is successful without having a clear parameter of what did I define success to be once the business is successful, I will have more money or more time right or more resources to be with my family and and what I ended up doing is I was sacrificing my number one core value. My number one core value is family and so it was creating this constant discipline."

Kim: "it's interesting, because so what I've found, right that that whole mindset that kind of underlies this entrepreneurial kind of space in the world of is that, you know, well you have to create, you have to work really, really hard to get results or even that your results are only directly correlated to the effort you put in now i'm i'm a hardcore like believer in action taking but there's also like this space of you know, if you're into the EU a little bit and manifesting that the more you tap into the joy and, and the fun of being an entrepreneur and finding the aspects of building your business that really light you up, right, like get you really excited, I was just talking about how cat and I were planning a sales mastery bootcamp for our mastermind members. And I got really excited with her like planning the agenda and talking about all the things that we're going to teach them, right, to help them fill in the gaps. When you find those things that That to me is the equivalent of sitting in journaling, right? But it might be for you maybe create some space, right? Like take the if that was your vision of being an entrepreneur, create time and space where that's what you get to do. And so for a lot of entrepreneurs, when they're in that first 123 years, they don't create those pockets of time where you just get to tap into, like the vision and, and thinking about what is it what like how do you envision your business to be like, what does it look like? What does it feel like, you know, in three to five years from now, when when things are when you are creating the revenue that you want to create. And it's funny because what happens is often we we create goals, right? We have all these goal posts, and you hit the goal post and then you don't take time to celebrate the fact that you actually got there. And it's in that celebration where some of that balance starts to return right. Some of the the feeling of sanity and the feeling of fun and the feeling of like it's actually working right like this is working for me. And that it didn't. Wouldn't you look back in hindsight, it wasn't actually as hard as you thought it would be."

To get results come back to what you LOVE!

Kim: "when you find the simplest path to the solution, you seek these real, you get to do more of what you love, right. So every single person that's listening to this later, you have a reason why you started your business, right? Probably because there's some type of freedom you wanted to create for yourself. But also, because there's some way you want to help other people, because at its core, most businesses in some way help someone else, whether it's through the delivery of a product or service. And so when you find the simple solutions, and you start hitting more of those goal posts, what you're doing is you're helping more of the people you want to help. and that in turn, gives you this really amazing thing called helpers high, right? There's nothing like there's not a drug in the world that feels as good as the helpers high, when you get to see the success of a person that you work with. So for example, we have someone in our mastermind, and she was just celebrating that she launched her first online course in under 30 days, right, and how excited she was in the fact that she was helping people and they were getting results. And then I in return also got to feel amazing that I helped her do this thing. And that's what we talked about ripples of impact. We love working with impact makers, people who know that they have a mission, a mission, a vision and purpose to put out into the world, we get to create ripples of impact, we show them how they can do it, how they can move online, how they can get in front of more people and generate revenue. In return, we get to fulfill our mission, right. And so it's so amazing. It creates this, this ripple of paying it forward. And I think really, like let's be real. That's what a lot of people need right now. Like we're in a really weird time and space, like 2020 was crazy. And so the more you're putting yourself out there, particularly because I love speaking. So the more you're getting in front of audiences and sharing your mission, and showing them how they can solve their problems, faster, simpler, easier, the more you're creating those ripples of impact where more people get to, they get to stop tolerating the problems they've been tolerating, right? Because that's at its core what most people are doing."



One thing you can do TODAY...

Kim: "the transformation happens to transaction. But if you're not getting in front of enough people, if you're not getting the opportunity to share your message and share your why. What happens is you become the world's best kept secret. And that's when you do really encounter that hustle and grind. You're like you're trying to grind I need to find clients, I need to get clients to get clients. And suddenly business doesn't feel so fun anymore. Right? And so just like getting yourself out there sharing like share with people your story, your vision, why you do it, like what drove you to this business that you're so passionate about? That's why people are like, tell me more. Tell me how can we work together? Like this is amazing. I love the one of the the number one email I get from people all the time is I love your energy. Tell me more like how do we how do we do this together? I'm ready to solve my problems. I'm tired of doing it the hard way. Right. And that comes from just showing up showing up and speaking to people about the things that I'm really passionate about. So it's one of the simplest ways if you're not convinced yet. It works and it works way faster. There's so many people that are like I'm just gonna show up on social media every day. No, no, like getting in front of an audience, whether it's through a podcast, a summit. There's so many webinar opportunities out there like on the online world. has exploded for entrepreneurs, you may think, well, live events are happening. No, no. Like, there has been an explosion of opportunities to speak as an entrepreneur online with everything going virtual. And when you start harnessing and tapping into those, that is the fastest way to market and grow your business. I'm telling you, I we see the results with all of our clients. We see it like this overnight."

Kim: "the easiest way to start is just show up on your own business page. Once a week do a Facebook Live, I know that somebody has just like slapped their heads. But I hate life. No, every time you overcome that little bit of fear of like showing up, it's the most exhilarating thing and it starts to create results unlike any other. It was a great way to practice while you're looking for pockets. There's so many options. networking events have gone virtual Chamber of Commerce events have gone virtual, they're like, look at your local area, right? Like look for those types of events. A quick search on meetup will show you exactly how to find Archie's, you reach out to the organizer, you say, Hey, are you looking for guest speakers, here's what the topic I'm passionate about speaking about, I would love to come talk to your group. People are always looking for speakers to come into their Facebook groups to do add on value and content, right? There's so many ways that you can start putting yourself in front of other people. So think think about this, the fastest way to build your audience is to put yourself in front of someone's someone else's audience, someone else has already built up an audience can help you build your audience faster, instead of like just posting on Facebook every day to a cold market. And when you're speaking just like this, and they get to hear how excited you are about the topic that you that you teach or that you coach or that you sell whatever it is, suddenly, they're like, I like this person, I trust this person, and you take the easy path to having them make the decision that they want to buy from you, whatever it is that you sell, right, that's like that's something that big. So as someone coming from a corporation, that's something a big corporations would die to have that type of access to their ideal clients. That's why so many of them work with influencers. They're tapping into their ready built market, right. And they're tapping into a segment of the market that already has trust built. So but you can do it even faster than they can you have like this magic secret sauce that large companies don't have. So embrace that. And that's you. Like, you bring unique experiences, points of view, information, knowledge teaching, and when you wrap it all up and you get in front of an audience, it creates this amazing energy and magic where they're just like, Okay, let's do this, like, how can we work together? And then if you throw in an amazing call to action where they can that they can connect with you or buy from you, then all of a sudden you're just like, Holy smokes, Why wasn't I doing this sooner?"

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