#54 How Pinterest Can Manage Stress with Anna Huff


What? How can Pinterest manage stress?  Well, as a busy entrepreneur, Pinterest is an "underestimated gem" for building your brand and audience.  Today's guest, Anna Huff, is a Pinterest specialist and she's got LOTS to share!!

In this episode you will discover:

  1. Why Pinterest is such a valuable tool for solopreneurs
  2. How Pinterest can help you manage time, energy, and stress
  3. How Pinterest allows you to stay present with your family and your life


Anna on finding what works for you:

Anna: "It's just leaning into what it is that your heart tells you is right. And sometimes, you know, we try to fight that just like I'll just say, like, even with my business, and, you know, starting at six months ago, and then being where I'm at now, where I'm like, Okay, I'm ready to go straight Pinterest, let's do it. And I knew that kind of, you know, probably closer to the beginning. But I fought it for a while, right? Because no, no, no, no, that's kind of scary. You know, those big scary things are usually the things that like, our heart truly desires. And it'll happen eventually, you know, I didn't have to push it didn't have to force it. It does end up happening. But that is truly where I found the most happiness is when I do follow my heart. And I do listen to that and don't think about what anybody else is thinking. I mean, I think we just struggle with that, especially as women like, what are people going to think of me?"


On losing time and wasting energy on social media:

Anna: "you can get you know, you can really get lost in it. Like, if you're not careful, you can start scrolling. And then the next thing you know, an hour of your time is gone. And I mean, I'm sure the same thing can happen on Pinterest. But the power that I have found in Pinterest, is that it feels so much more genuine, it feels so much more real and like you're not Yes, Pinterest has an algorithm but you're not like constantly trying to figure out what that is..."


Why Pinterest is soooooo awesome:

Anna: "But the benefit of Pinterest, I feel like is that it sort of eases a lot of that, like, constant stress, you know, of like, I don't post something today, what's gonna happen, you know, nothing, right? Nothing's going to happen, it's going to be fine. You know, and it does allow you to, like, batch your content and batch ahead of time. And you can sit down and say, Okay, I'm going to do Pinterest today. And then I'm moving on, and I don't have to feel like I'm present. But it's still going to work for you for the rest of the, the month or whatever. And it's not really a social media site in in the same vein as like Facebook, or Twitter or any of those others. It's really just a awesome search engine, right? Yeah. So a lot, a lot of people will lump it into social media. And I get it. It is it's, you know, it's not, it's not a social media platform. But people lump it in there with. But it is it's a search engine, and it's a visual search engine. And so it's really powerful because you have content that needs to be searched. And if you have the right strategy, Pinterest can be the thing that sends people to your site."


Anna: "if you're any kind of entrepreneur running a business, and you're feeling stressed, social media is probably adding to that stress, because you're feeling like you have to show up every day, and kind of turn yourself on and put on this face. And Pinterest allows you to show up for your business without that stress. So you can show up by you know, sharing the content that you're already producing on other platforms, like your podcast, or your blog, or whatever. And if your business doesn't have a blog, let's talk about that. Because, you know, even if you're not ready to jump into podcasting, you know, because podcasting isn't for everybody. A blog is a great way to utilize your your content to leverage your business. And so Pinterest just allows you to basically use that without having to sort of like, show up and drain yourself up all of this energy, because there's so many other places in your business that you need to show up. And not only that, it's going to work for you, you know, it's going to start generating traffic to your site. If you do it the right way. It's going to be really successful. Whereas with I think social media, we get it stressful because we feel like we're not getting the results that we want. And so as a stress management tool, Pinterest can alleviate some of that pressure while giving us the results that we want."

Anna: "So Pinterest, you know, allows you to reuse those things. Like, I could go back and repost blog posts or re repin blog posts that I had written, you know, two years ago. And it's going to generate traffic to my site. And if I had some sort of sales funnel setup, or something of that kind of thing, then it's going to be really valuable to me. But it's also going to, you know, at the same time, I'm not, I'm not showing up and having to recreate the wheel. So I saved myself time, which is sort of part of that stress management, right, like giving yourself more time to invest in yourself and, and rather than, like your business"

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