#53 Making Your Own Rules for Social Media with Stacey Watts


It's all up to you.  You own your business. You run your business. Solopreneur. CEO. Entrepreneur.  Whatever you want to call it, it's ALL YOU!!  Until you finally get to hire help, LOL.  And for many of us social media is a HUGE part of your business -  it takes up a bunch of your time and energy - and it can be exhausting and stressful.  Today's guest, Stacey Watts has tips for how to strategically handle your social media so that you don't lose your mind. 

Stacey helps online businesses master content creation- coaching clients to plan, publish, connect & grow on social media.  She loves helping business owners share their unique personalities and their best stories on social media in a clear, fun and purposeful way.  PURPOSEFUL is probably the word I would use to describe how Stacey thinks about social media - she is incredibly intentional with her approach. Which helps her clients to be able to be strategic - not only helping their businesses, but also helping them to avoid burnout and overwhelm. 

In this episode you will learn:

  1. How to set boundaries with social media and your phone
  2. How to find tools that work for you and your business
  3. 4 tips to decrease burnout on social media

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Tips for setting boundaries:

Stacey: "This is a huge tip, I want to give anybody using social media for their business. There are timers on every app, every app in your menu has an activity timer. And you can actually set it to tell you when you have been on Instagram for 20 minutes, you've been on Facebook for 20 minutes, tick tock is actually got the best timer, because it is a timer that actually has a passcode attached to it. So if you want to give a child access to tech talk, I mean, there's some teens that yes, they have tech talk, but you want to curb the amount of time they're spending on it, you can actually put a passcode, a parental passcode. And they have to come to you put the code in for me to go back on. They can't use the app at all, it stops until the next day. So you can control it."

Stacey uses time-blocking: " I have a time block for that. And then I have time blocks for writing content coming up with content ideas, for doing photos, or video, I do them in blocks, it's just so much easier."


Find the tools that actually work for YOU:

Stacey: "make sure that you find tools that work for you, just because some guru says, use this. Right? When I first started out, I was handed someone said, Oh, you can schedule on social media now. And you can use this this one scheduling app, I'm not going to name them because some people might love them. And some people might love them like I do. But there's this one that was out there. And oh, my goodness, I took one look at it, the dashboard was like extensive, extensive, and it was just too much. Like, if I have to go and learn this entire app, just to be able to schedule what I'm already doing. Anyway, that's just one step that I don't need. Now, there is better scheduling apps out there. In fact, Facebook has their own, it's the one I recommend, which is Creator Studio, it's by far the easiest free, which a business phrase a big word. So that's what I do is I make sure that even if there's these awesome new tools and shiny tools that have come out, unless they are quick and easy to learn, there's no point in trying them."

Stacey: "Because there's so many gurus out there, that it's ridiculous the things they will tell you, there's you know, there's the one guru who tells you, you need to be on every platform, I'm going to tell you right now, you do not need to be on every social media platform."

Stacey: "pick pick one is your primary platform, if that's the one where you get the most conversions from the most conversations, the most engagement that you feel, where you're most passionate to be on that is your main platform, then if you have a secondary because most of us are on two or three platforms, some of us aren't five, then you use the supportive platform is your secondary. And then the best part is you can actually repurpose your content, don't hesitate to reuse your content, because only 5% of your audience has seen it anyway. That's, that's some of the big takeaways that I especially got in the last little bit that I love sharing with people."


Stacey also shares 4 tips to decrease burn out on social media - be sure to check out the episode for those!


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Connect with Stacey:

Instagram and Website

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