#52 Secrets from My First Year Podcasting


It’s been a year!! I can’t believe I’ve been doing this for a year.  I worked so hard on this podcast and I’m so proud of getting to celebrate ONE YEAR. 

Be sure to grab your FREE Secrets from My First Year Podcasting (including the equipment and tools I use) -AND- How to Celebrate your Podcasting Wins (with a 2 page checklist!) <<HERE>>

Thank you...

I have so many thank yous -

Thank you so much for everyone who listened.  

RASleDazzle says “Sometimes it’s kind of lonely being an entrepreneur, these days even more so.  It’s nice to know I’m not the only person struggling with this stuff and that there is hope that I can be mostly sane.  Typically delivered in very helpful actionable steps that even I can follow. Thanks for that and telling it like it is.”

“Girl same. Trying to stay mostly sane.”  DJCBFM

“More of this please!  Your words hit home every time - this has become a refuge for me.”  ack_ack_ack

Thank you to all of my amazing guests who took the time to come on and share their entrepreneurial stories and wisdom - I loved every moment of it.

Thank you to my partner, Michael, who is always quiet or gone during podcast recording and never once complained.  He even listens to the podcast!  Love you!  


What I’ve loved...

As I was reflecting about the last year, and thinking about so many things - how challenging 2020 has been for everyone, both personally and professionally.  I wanted to share what I’ve loved about podcasting….

  1. Getting to share how to be healthy, happy and sane with fellow entrepreneurs.  So often I hear how they are struggling - putting everyone else first and leaving themselves for last.  They are exhausted and burnt out and stressed.  And I don’t think it has to be that way. I don’t think that we have to sacrifice everything to be successful.  And so getting to share actionable things they can do TODAY to start working on their health, to prioritize themselves, to reconnect to what they love - I’ve loved that so much.
  2. The guests.  I’ve loved the guests so much…
  3. The sense of accomplishment.  It’s not a team that does this. I do this all on my own. This is a legit one-woman-show.  And I’m so proud of it.  I will be celebrating the one year anniversary because it is such a huge accomplishment.  And I almost didn’t, because I almost just blew right by it and forgot that it was going to be a full year. This is why savoring is so important as entrepnreurs - taking the time to value our WINS!!    Did you read my blog about the practice of savoring your wins?  I’ll link to it  <<HERE>>

Be sure to grab your FREE Secrets from My First Year Podcasting (including the equipment and tools I use) -AND- How to Celebrate your Podcasting Wins (with a 2 page checklist!) <<HERE>>

My 7 Biggest Mistakes:

Here are some of the mistakes I made that I hope you don’t make if you do a podcast (I go into much more detail in the episode):

  1. Trying to make it all perfect like people who have hired professionals to do everything for them.
  2. Not batching my content.  I know I’m supposed to, but some weeks it just got away from me.  It all worked out fine, but when I batch I am much happier.
  3. Don’t do your intro and outros for guests until AFTER you have them on - because sometimes the things you think you will discuss are NOT what gets discussed.
  4. Trying to jam too much into a single episode.  Yes, you want to offer value, but people have stuff to do.  1-3 actionable steps at most.  
  5. Not asking for recommendations for guests from each of my guests.
  6. Not asking each guest to leave a review and how they were going to promote the episode because “I didn’t want to bother them.”
  7. Not asking for more help and support.  Friends and colleagues want to help you. They want you to be successful.  Ask for help!


My 9 Biggest Take Aways

Here are the most important things I learned over the past year

  1. You can do it all on your own.
  2. Start before it’s perfect.  You can update your cover art. You can update your description.  You can change so many things later, just start!
  3. Doing a practice run and getting my setup into place boosted my confidence immensely
  4. Once I figured out my process of preparing the podcast episodes, now I can do it quickly without thinking.  
  5. Ask your friends to come on and be your first guests.  It makes it so much fun.
  6. Use inviting people on to make new friends and network. 
  7. Play to your strengths.  I’m great at interviewing because I’m genuinely curious.  I’m great at breaking down concepts like self-compassion or stress because I’m a huge nerd and passionate about those topics.
  8. Talk about stuff that you are passionate about or passionate about learning more about.  
  9. Use a transcription service.  It makes everything easier.


4 Steps to Savoring Your Wins

Savoring and celebrating your wins as an entrepreneur can be an incredibly powerful practice.  There are more details in the free guide <<HERE>> and at a blog post <<HERE>> - and of course in the episode!

  1. Notice - recognize your wins
  2. Reflect - why does this matter to you? why is it important?
  3. Share - share your wins with someone - or make an entire podcast about your win and share it with everyone!
  4. Record - make a record of your win - a picture, in a journal, or a podcast episode with a party


Be sure to grab your FREE Secrets from My First Year Podcasting (including the equipment and tools I use) -AND- How to Celebrate your Podcasting Wins (with a 2 page checklist!) <<HERE>>

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