#5: How to Work at Your Best

productivity Feb 04, 2020


What you learn in this episode:

  1. Why you care about figuring out how to work at your best.
  2. What supports you working at your best.
  3. How to create more times when you are working at your best.


Why do you care about working at your best?

When you figure out what supports you in being able to work at your best, you can create more opportunities to work at your best.  It can help you to get more done and to be more focused when you are working on your priorities.  What would it be like to be able to show up as the best version of you for next meeting or sales pitch? 


What do I mean by "working at your best?"

Working at your best is different for each person.  We each have our strengths.  We each have times when we are able to accomplish a task as the best version of ourselves.  Maybe you had a sales pitch that went perfectly - you were confident, articulate, kept your emotions in check when challenged, didn't get flustered when something went wrong - you were the version of yourself you want to be all the time.

Action step 1:  Consider a specific time when you worked at your best.  Who are you working at you best?  


So, what supports you working at your best? 

I’m going to suggest three areas of focus, three ingredients for working at your best:

1. Basic needs being met

  • Sleep/rest - Do you work better when you are well-rested? When you go to bed at a certain time or wake up at a certain time?
  • Satisfying healthy meals at predictable times - When your body is fed and satisfied, it is going to help you to be more focused and productive.  Being well-fed also helps to keep your emotions and thoughts under control. 
  • Not feeling like crap or being in pain - This is really general, but when you are sick or you are in pain, you simply aren't going to be working at your best.

2. Environment + specific task

Do you work best:

  • when it's quiet?
  • with music playing?
  • in a busy coffee shop?
  • in a quiet room?
  • with other people?

Are there specific tasks that you do better in a specific environment?  For example, maybe a busy coffee shop is great for responding to emails and completing shorter tasks, but you might need a quiet space to create a sales proposal or slide deck or update your website.

3. Timing 

  • When are you doing tasks?  And is that the time that you are best able to do them?
  • Notice:  Do you do x task better first thing in the morning or later in the afternoon?  And then considering doing that task at a specific time.  
  • How long does the task take?  Be sure to give yourself enough time to work at your best.


Action step 2:  Brainstorm the things that prevent you from working as your best self.

Action step 3:  Make a list of three different tasks that you do for your business each week.  For each task, list what would allow you to work at your best for that specific task.


Bonus:  What's another way to work at your best??  Figure out how stress is getting in your way and do something about it

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