#49 You're Worth It: Get a Confidence Boost from Natasha B. Russell


Confidence and your success in business are totally linked.  When we don't believe in ourselves, when we don't believe in what we have to offer - it shows in our business.  It can slow or even stop our growth. It can hamper sales. It can impact our health, happiness, and sanity! 

Natasha B. Russell is an expert in confidence and passionate about helping to inspire and motivate entrepreneurs and business owners just like you to believe in yourself and your business. 

In this episode you will learn:

  1. Why confidence is essential to growing your business
  2. The links between confidence and success
  3. Natasha’s one tip (ok, so maybe it’s more than one) for boosting your confidence TODAY

Meet our guest: Natasha B. Russell, BCMM, PCC (NBR) is the Founder and CEO of NBR Strategic Solutions. Her business offers coaching, speaking and consulting services to support aspiring entrepreneurs, business owners, corporations and non-profit organizations with achieving their personal, professional and/or business goals. She was born and raised in Calgary, Alberta Canada and loves to spend time with her family and friends, enjoys cooking, travelling and mentoring youth. She is a leader on a mission to make a positive impact in this world by transforming as many lives as possible from the inside out.


Be sure to listen to the entire episode to hear the entire conversation, but here are some highlights...

What's possible when purpose and business are aligned...

Natasha: " And we should always want to be growing and evolving. If we're in our lives, and we are stagnant. That means we're in our comfort zone. And we know this, nothing grows in the comfort zone. But it's a nice cozy place. So if you want to make a shift, and you want greater things in your life or your business, you have to be willing to move out of that comfort zone, and be present in what I call the now the ability to create change that be greater than time space, your environment to think big. And then to take action."

Natasha: "I honestly say this, and some people don't agree with me, but chase your purpose, and then monetize it in the business, but don't chase the money, and then expect that you'll be fulfilled. So it's purpose first, then the money will flow, the success will come, but of all you're looking for is just to gain business or business business. It's what that one way kind of marketing, kind of sales, salesy way, then you'd like to always be hustling. But if you're actually in business to serve, with purpose, with confidence with clarity, you'll naturally see that your business will evolve and grow. Because people will know that you're actually in this for the right reason you're in there to solve a problem or to enhance some you know, someone's life or their lifestyle, whatever that might look like. So, if you don't believe in your product, or you're offering your service, why should I believe in it? Why do I have that? Right? So and that's the thing a lot of people like I have people who the fear of public speaking is like, I think it's next to what dying I think it's number two on the list. They want to show up on you know, social media, they want to start doing videos, they want to talk about their products or whatever. But that confidence factor, what will people seeing? Well, people say, What if I don't talk perfect bla bla bla bla bla, that shows that you're real, like, get rid of the perfection and I'm learning this to to be more vulnerable and open up and share more stories. people relate to real and nobody's perfect. And every I say every pain point in your life or every I don't believe in failures unless you quit serves a purpose in your life. There's some that you can always learn from it grow from it evolve from it. And the key is that you take that and you actually move forward and apply it to your life or your business."

Natasha: "Everything begins with first knowing your purpose. Now we all have something different. We all have amazing gifts. And when I say like God given purpose, natural talents, gifts and abilities, things that you do naturally are what you just do it well, you enjoy it, figure out what that is, make sure it's in alignment with your business, then create the vision now, I when I first did my first vision board several years ago, it was all words. And I remember I did the course like No, it can't be words, because your subconscious mind doesn't even read words that way it needs to be visual. And I think a lot of people don't know that. So your vision board should be visual, it should be the things that you want to see show up in your life. And then there's a process to actually speak to your subconscious mind, you know, when you move from that beta to that alpha to that beta level, and that beta level of your brainwaves is where you can actually start to connect to your subconscious mind. I don't again until the science of it, though, but a lot of times, Yes, you do. But you don't want to. You don't want to let what we call what what, what prevents us from speaking to our subconscious mind, is that analytical brain, right? How many of us are always constantly thinking about things we end up worrying with? This is where your anxiety kicks in worrying about the future worrying about the unknown? What if this happens, or the past? Well, I know that this is going to happen based on my past experiences, the ability to create something new happens now in the present, because this is all we have. And if you can think in the present, without any restrictions, what would I do? What would I want to achieve? That is where you need to be and then create the vision like visually, what does that look like? And then you need the strategy? A lot. I've seen a lot of business owners who are just operating without a strategy. I mean, they're just trying this and that and that. And I'm like, Do you wonder why you're not maybe knocking down some walls yet, because you're sporadic, have a strategy. And I mean, like everything I've achieved thus far in my life, to get even to the point of being able to walk away from a nine to five was because I had a solid strategy. But I didn't just let it sit there on paper, I started to take action. So people purpose, discover your purpose, make sure it's in alignment with your business. Number two, create that big grandiose vision, I do it annually, my clients do it annually. There's things I could tell you that I wanted to see people want to meet. like Justin Trudeau, Oprah, Tony Robbins, that all happened for me in 2020, or 2019, shall I say, because we hit COVID. Um, and then create the strategy doesn't have to be a 10 page or a two, three pages of these are my this is my vision, these are my three main goals. This is how I'm going to achieve it the tactics, these are what I'm gonna, this is what I'm actually gonna do my action steps, and then take action. And then it's so important to evaluate throughout the process. If this is not working, well, what can I do? What can I tweak to get to that end result, and then you just keep going. And as you're believing going back to the confidence, and you start envisioning yourself doing whatever it is you want to do, maybe you want to host an event, your first event or maybe you want to start your own business, you started envisioning that, and I'm telling you, it's gonna keep you motivated, the vision will keep you motivated. But then the strategy is gonna give you that that piece, that tactical piece to put the two together, and then you just got to take the action. And no, it's not easy people I know, it sounds easy. "


Confidence is a super-power!

Natasha: "Confidence is like super critical, I would say it's 100% related to the outcome of your business and your life. So confidence to me is I confidence walks in the room, it says, I'm amazing. And so are you. arrogance walks in and says I'm great and you're not. So I want to be super confidence is not putting people down. Confidence is loving who you are authentically your curves everything about you. Even men struggle with confidence. I have a lot of male clients, and then it's making other people feel good about yourself. So a lot of times I have clients who come to me and say, hey, my, my business is failing or it's not doing well, I really don't understand why. It's number one, it's mindset that plays into confidence. So when you actually believe that you can achieve a goal, research proves that you're 51% more likely to achieve it. You're already halfway there a little bit more than halfway there just by believing it. So it's really to say, hey, do I believe I can have this and sometimes it's do I believe I deserve it? A lot of times I have clients who are like on the individual coaching and who they have suffered trauma in their childhood, something happened that made them lack confidence or believe they could achieve great things or that they even deserved anything good. And so they didn't even know it but they've been bringing that memory those you know, because the past is all we know with them into their business and then they're wondering why they're not seeing success because they may be putting out the most amazing program or our But deep down inside, they're like, I don't know if I could do this. I don't know if people are gonna buy this, why would people want to. So they're already self sabotaging. So when you say how important is confidence, it's like you, it's critical to your success. Once you know that you're good at what you're doing and what you you're loving what you're doing, then why not share that with the world in a way that they can relate and that's through you knowing that what you're offering is a good value, it's a good benefit, it's going to create that change, or that whatever, it's a product or a service that it is going to meet that need of your client or your customer. "

Natasha: " Because when my clients are succeeding, I'm winning. And so 90% of it is it is confidence. And then strategy, like a lot of us get strategies, but we don't take action. And it's not that every strategy is going to work. But it's okay, don't change the goal. How do I find another strategy to support me in achieving the end result that I want, and then you got to be self motivated, which again, it just boils down to confidence. mindset is a part of your confidence, whatever you say about yourself, I do believe you have the power to create your reality. Because what you think is what you normally will say, and it's how you're going to behave. So if I feel like people don't want to support me, or I'm not good enough or smart enough, I'll walk into a room and I'm going to exude that energy. But if I come in believe that, Oh, I'm good at what I do, and I walk into that room that I can gravitate towards, and people will naturally gravitate towards me, because I'm putting out that positive energy."


You really have to believe in yourself, not just say you do....

Natasha: " do you actually believe it. So the teeth building confidence is one, start believing what you're saying to yourself and start with using things that you actually believe? Maybe it's the fact that you know, you're very organized, or that you're kind or that you have, you're a person of integrity. So when you look at yourself in the mirror, and you're saying these things, you believe it, and then as you start to believe more about that, you can start adding on more things. Like Okay, so I believe that I'm kind, I believe that I'm intelligent. Now maybe it's like, okay, I just made my first sale, oh, my God, cuz I actually believed in the product. Now I can add that I'm really good at, you know, marketing my business, and I am because I'm making those sales. So start with things you know, to be true about you work on looking in the mirror, I don't sound weird. Look in the mirror, say these affirmations to yourself daily. But again, the ones you believe in, gradually, you know, add more as you continue to believe in it, and then do something that really scares you. Because that's where confidence is going to come from moving out of the comfort zone. Whether it be doing that first live or doing that first email out to you know, your, your cohorts, or your friends or your network and saying, Hey, I'm going to start my own business, like, I like your feedback, it's moving out of that comfort zone and saying, Hey, I can do this. And even if I don't actually succeed, succeed at that one point, or whatever it is, I'm achieving or trying to achieve, that, I'm not going to give up that I'm going to keep trying and keep going and keep moving. And as you continue to do that. And I end by saying this being committed to yourself, by committing to yourself by showing up for you every day, you'll build confidence."


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