#47 You Don't Have to Do It All with Jessie Browning


What?  You don't have to do it all?  That doesn't sound right.  Hmmmmmm....  Jessie Browning firmly believes that we don't have to do it all - but mostly that's because she tried to do it all - running multiple businesses while being a mom of 4 kids. Yes, 4 kids!!!

In today's episode Jessie shares her story and insights about how to better delegate, make tough choices, and set healthy boundaries.  She also shares how her passion project helps to keep her healthy, happy, and sane. 

Jessie Browning is an entrepreneur, loving wife, mother of 4, sister, daughter, celiac, adopted Texan, blogger, and podcaster. She wasn’t born in Texas, but as the bumper sticker reads, she “got here as fast as she could”. Jessie created Lajoie Society and started blogging in 2019. She started with a blog but always knew she would launch a podcast as part of this project. Prickly & Blooming debuted on January 29th, 2020 at #108 in Itunes Personal Journals category.

Jessie took a break from running the biz to Mom - and then came back to the biz.

Jessie: "I was done. So I I like I want to say 75 80% of moms believe this and then entrepreneurs is right up there with you. So if you're like a Venn diagram of a mom and an entrepreneur there you have this belief that you have to do it all and that you will do it all and honestly for a while. I mean, this is my mic and to and really did I had to it's it's a it's like a double whammy of martyrdom because being an entrepreneur, you really do it all like you're cleaning the toilets, you're ordering the the coffee, you're working the counter, you're making the schedule, you're doing the payroll, you're, you know, all the stuff, all the stuff and then as a mom, you're also doing all this stuff. And so in you know, when I in 2012 I say that I quit I like it just got I couldn't function like I truly was like I'm going home and I just cannot do it anymore because I was running all of it like my husband wasn't the lead at home or in the business and you know what happened at that moment when I quit."


Create healthy boundaries - so you don't lose your mind!

Jessie: "And so that honestly, like to be healthy, happy and sane, was to learn boundaries in our business, like, so we got, we got delegation and boundaries, like two huge things that we've learned over the years. And one of the boundaries, you know, the time boundaries. And then another one would be okay, with employees, I don't know, you know, how many experience people have with employees, where we made the mistake of, and it was hard because I would be working in the counter. So I'm like a co worker, it's easier now, because we're not at the counter with people feeling like coworkers. But when I was like a co worker, it's really hard to remember to not get friendly."


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