#46 Having Fellow Entrepreneurs for Friends Helps you Stay Sane


PODCAST TAKE OVER!  This week one of my entrepreneur friends interviews ME!  Crazy!  The roles are reversed and you get a behind the scenes look at my life.  Lynn Coleman and I are part of a group that meets every week to support each other in our businesses.  I can't tell you how important these weekly meetings have been for me over the past few challenging months - and for my business growth.  Lynn is an expert in authentic messaging and communication, so when she asked if she could interview me on my podcast, I said YES.  

We dive into:

  1. Why being healthy, happy, and mostly sane is so important to you and your business - and what each of them means.
  2. Why creating your own team of entrepreneur friends is valuable and how it can help you to feel less isolated.
  3. If I had to pick, which is my favorite:  my baby Yoda action figure or my Kamala Harris action figure.

mostly sane....

Ellen: "I put mostly staying in there, because I see so many entrepreneurs out there, pretending like they have it all together, like only showing this perfect version of themselves. And I find that so frustrating, because entrepreneurship is hard. It is so freakin heartwarming. It's awesome in so many ways. But it's hard. And I think that when the leaders in whatever community you're in, are not showing the side of themselves that struggle, not showing the side of themselves, where things are hard, that they're actually doing everybody a disservice like it, you know, social comparison is real, and is messing with all of our minds, and our sanity. And you can feel like all that imposter syndrome, that shame, all that stuff. That's already hard enough to battle as an entrepreneur, it just enhances it. I think it doesn't help anybody to pretend like you have it all together."

 Ellen: "And when we don't share them with each other, you know, it's interesting. I ran a business to business, just management, consulting and coaching business, the pandemic really screwed over. But anyway, it was interesting when I started to bring the idea of stress management into an entrepreneurial space is that people viewed stress, or acknowledging their stress as failure. And to me, this is a direct reflection of people pretending like they have it all together, because they're, it's not okay to be stressed. It's not okay to struggle, it's not okay to be challenged, it's not. And that makes me a little crazy to even, to even think about that. The other thing that really spoke to me about mostly saying is, I think all entrepreneurs are a little bit crazy. Like, they have a say goodbye to a nine to five, or they're thinking about it, and are chasing their dreams. And I think that there's an element of crazy to that, that I just love. It's just so beautiful, to love something so much to want to do something so much that you're willing to give it your all and try so hard to help other people because, you know, it's always it's always so funny. everybody's like, they'll they'll talk about why they started their entrepreneurial journey. And almost every single time it's to help people, like the end goal of their y is to help other people. And yeah, so I just, I think that that's so beautiful. And so I wanted to include that in the podcast name."


on creating your team...

Ellen: "I think everybody gets stuck. And and that's okay. I know I rely on coaches and therapists and other professionals to help me get everything I want out of my life. And I love that there are people that you can hire and be like, Hey, this is what I'm working on. And there's somebody out there for whatever that is. And they are, they just want to help you so much. And it's just, I'm always looking for, for partners for myself, like these, these people who will be part of my team and whatever role that that they can be, that will help me to get to where I want to be."

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