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#45 How Having Corporate Clients Can Help to Manage Stress with Cait Ross

9-5 corporate clients impact less hustle social media stress management values Nov 17, 2020

How could working with corporations help you to stay healthy, happy and sane??  Today's guest, Cait Ross, is going to help us to see how this could not only help us to let go of the hustle, but also to create more impact and stay connected to our core values.  

You will get to ....

  1.  Learn how Cait made the transition from corporate to wanting to help people just like her that were still in corporate.
  2. How letting go of the hustle and social media game have improved her life.
  3. How you can start to work with more corporate clients and the difference that can make in your life and your business.


Cait Ross is a Business Mentor, B2B Strategist & Keynote Speaker who helps purpose-driven entrepreneurs win corporate clients to expand their influence, income & impact. In 2017, after an 8 year career as a VP in the banking industry, Cait launched her own B2B wellness business -- helping companies and their employees to build resilience so they can stress less, perform better & thrive in an increasingly complex world.

Align Your Work with Your Values

Cait: "And so I realized that I could actually go back into the corporate world, not as an employee, but as this expert, and as this consultant and coach and advisor that could really help to transform the well being of employees in the workplace. And so that was initially where I got started. And fast forward, I still do that work, and very much love it, and I'm nourished by it. But as of this year, I also have launched a business coaching, and mentorship side of my business to help other coaches, consultants and entrepreneurs in the wellness and personal growth industries, to teach them how to to enter the world of corporate clients to help decrease the stress that they face trying to build their business."


Manage Stress AND Have a Bigger Impact

Cait: "Well, I think one of the biggest reasons people don't utilize it as one, they just overlook it. They just don't think about it, right? Because I think as online entrepreneurs, we think that we need to use Instagram and Facebook to build our business like, so many people have, I think, twofold for people that have been in corporate prior to launching their business, they get burned out from corporate, and so they just want to leave that world behind. And they never want to think they never want to look back. When in reality, going back to serve corporate, as a as an entrepreneur, as a coach, as a consultant, as a true expert is very different than being, you know, a nine to five employee of a business. So I think, you know, it's just opening people's eyes to what can exist. And the reality is, it's from a stress perspective, I love that you asked that question, Ellen is, you know, you can get three or four corporate clients and meet the same revenue goals that you would need to have 50 clients or 60 clients, depending upon your pricing model. And I know for a lot of the clients I work with myself included, you know, impact is a big goal of theirs, creating impact and reaching more people. And so it also allows you to build a relationship with an organization that might have 100 505,000 50,000 people that work there. And so, you know, for me, and the clients, I work with landing one larger organization, can lead to so many opportunities to the point where, you know, I wouldn't necessarily encourage that you only have one client, right? Because if something happens with that one client, you have to start from scratch. But you can ultimately build a really successful abundant business with just a couple of larger corporate clients and do really meaningful deep work with the teams and the employees that work there."


Benefits of Working with Corporate Clients

Cait: "I think one of the biggest is just being being able to feel like they can disconnect from social media more, I think a lot of online entrepreneurs, a lot of the clients that I've worked with, feel like they have to show up every day, right consistency. And we hear that from a lot of other coaches and people that coach people on how to build their online business, and that serves certain people, and it serves certain people for a period of time, you know, I work with a lot of people that have an existing business, and it's just not serving them anymore. And so they can pivot to do other, you know, to build an ad b2b clients into their business, which allows them to be on social media last to disconnect from that, you know, more and more time and space and energy for self care for, you know, in a pre COVID world traveling right, the things that they love to do. And so, yeah, I think it comes back to just creating that space, creating that energy, being on social media last and that impact, right, being able to, to reach more people and create a bigger impact in the world."


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