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#43 Getting Excited for 2021 with Emily Roach

flexible goals pivoting planning values Nov 03, 2020

Who's excited? I'm excited.  Let's make 2021 our B*TCH! 

I mean, let's be awesome planners full of optimism and hope with 2020 being an important lesson on how to be flexible in our business.

I know 2020 was really freaking stressful.  Like really stressful.  So stressful I put my 24 favorite stress management tips into one awesome guide creatively titled "24 Ways to Reduce Stress."  I know! I'm so creative.  You can grab it <<HERE>>.

I'm super into helping your find ways to manage stress every damn day and also as we move into this next year.  Because it turns out that 2020 will eventually end (even though it feels never ending) and we should be ready for that.

So, I asked my awesome friend - actually my Biz BFF- Emily Roach to come on the podcast and help us learn from 2020 so that we can rock out 2021. 

She has a plan.

She's going to share it. 

Who is Emily???

Emily Roach, the founder of Biz BFF, is a community leader, speaker, business coach, and professional best friend. Through her online community and group coaching program, The Hive, Emily empowers small business owners to show up authentically, think creatively, and act courageously to make their wildest effing dreams come true! When she’s not teaching her rule-breaking business and marketing strategies to entrepreneurs all over the world, Emily’s reveling in the messy middle of life with her family, their bus named Hank, and an absurd stash of yarn in Portland, Oregon.

OMG, I don't know why this is smaller font - but I couldn't make it bigger! I tried!


Hack for staying healthy, happy and sane? The work you do needs to align with your values!

Ellen: "I'm curious if if living that close to the things like that you value like you clearly have a lot of values and alignment with what you're doing and spending your time. Do you think that that contributes to you staying healthy, happy and sane? Well, while running your own business?"

Emily: "Oh, absolutely. Like, I think value alignment is super important. Um, and I can tell like, I can feel it in my body, when I'm not in alignment with those values. So you know, if I'm, that's, that's the signal to me that it's time for change."

Ellen: "What does that feel like?"

Emily: "...not sleeping, you know, like, right, if things aren't keeping me up, if I'm starting to feel anxious in a prolonged way, right, not just nervous or excited nerves, you know, when it comes to doing something new in our business or doing something different, right? It's not but you know, that dread, anxiety and dread, or just, you know, or a lack of that a lack of caring, like a apathy, there's, you know, it's like, if I get to a place where I'm feeling apathetic, I know, something has to change. So it means I'm, I've forgotten a value that's important to me, or I've started prioritizing something because other people say you should, and not because it's something that's actually important to me in my life. So, yeah, and you're staying connected to what it is that you value most in your business. And also, it sounds like you've cultivated a really hardcore awareness of how things affect you. And then like pivoting and changing based on that. Yeah, I'm not afraid of change. I like to be in control of the change. But um, but I actually really love change. And so I think, probably starts there. Like just a willingness and a curiosity, and an openness to go, Hmm, something doesn't feel right. So I get to change something like I don't have to stay stuck with this feeling. Yeah, I love that not staying stuck. Because so often it can be as an entrepreneur, like you're working by yourself, you're kind of in this silo alone isolated, and it can be so easy to become stuck on a single thing and not to kind of see the forest through the trees kind of situation. Totally. Yeah. And we, the loneliness, the loneliness aspect. I think that's another reason I do. What I do is I was getting lonely as an entrepreneur. I was used to having co workers and And I knew other entrepreneurs were lonely. And I was like, No, I gotta bring, I gotta bring us together, I think we need community to thrive to be healthy and happy, like, we're not meant to be isolated people."


About Learning from 2020 to plan for 2021

Emily: "...a lot of self compassion, and, and then to, you know, to, again, approach with openness and curiosity, we can still plan. I know, I've shifted my view of planning, um, because I used to like, to really control things. And so planning to me I'm going to dictate how this all happens. I'm shifting my approach to recognizing that I don't have control over the whole world, because if I did, but, but that I do have control over myself, and, and that I can learn to better tune in to, to what I need to my intuition. to, to my priorities, again, if anything, I think the solitude of 2020 and the world crises, has opened all of our eyes to like, what our true priorities are. So that's, so that's a little gift. And we can say, hey, okay, um, what goals would support my priorities and my values? And who I want to be as a person? And, and how can I, how can I plan in a flexible way to support myself taking action toward those goals? Even in a really unpredictable world?"


Emily is Putting her Health + Wellness Plans into her 2021 Planner!!!

Emily: "So when I'm making my business plans and goals, I also make sure that I am including my personal goals and plans for like, how am I going to nurture and support myself first because that's what's going to make all the other stuff happen. So sleep is a big one for me, I'm really need to get back. that'll probably be a focus for me for 2021 is like really great, healthy sleep habits. Um, and then I am, I'm big into time containers. So creating little boundaries around my time and designating a purpose for those so that I don't end up on a working so that I don't I don't even spend all day working you know i building in time for the things I enjoy making sure that I have set up my schedule so I can go to sleep on time, because I like to get up really early and early mornings like myself care cozy time. And I will literally put in my planner eat lunch like I will put the time in there in my planner to I'll make it a to do list check item so I can check it off. Because it's so easy for me to get wrapped up in what I'm doing and ignore those like hunger signals and work right through lunch. And then I am whole family knows when mommy is hangry Oh, hangry is a big situation in this house as well."

There is soooooo much more in this episode, so be sure to check it out so you don't miss out. 

And don't forget to grab your free guide to stress less <<HERE>>


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