#42 Be Confident on Live Video with Alicia Henderson


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Today we have a special guest, Alicia Henderson.  Alicia is a Business and Online Marketing Strategist who specializes in teaching Women to confidently secure high-end clients & position themselves as experts with live video. Yup, I found an expert in live video to talk to us about how to manage the stress and overwhelm of all the video we are now expected to do as entrepreneurs.  


In this episode you will learn:

  1. Tips to simplify showing up on video (and social) that are going to reduce your stress and overwhelm
  2. How Alicia balances showing up authentically while still being the expert
  3. How she stays healthy happy and sane while being a mom and running a successful business.


Video with less stress

Alicia: "the first thing that I think about is, when you need to be visible, you have to make sure that you're doing it in a place where you're going to show up without the stress. So I always talk about there's three ways that you can do this. When it comes to visibility. There's three authority building platforms, there is blogging, there's video, or live streaming, and then there's podcasting. And so the three is video podcasting, blogging, and then the bonus is the live streaming. And when you pick one of those three ways, then you're able to show up authentically without burning yourself out without doing too much, because no one has time to be doing too much because we've got all these things going on. So when you focus on having authority building platform, you can focus on showing up on a consistent basis."

Alicia: "So once you decide what authority building platform is, then you create your content. You have a schedule of when you're going to show up, you have a schedule when you're going to take time off, because if that is important, you have a schedule of maybe I'll sit down for an hour on a Monday. That's what I do. And then I create content. Or maybe I sit down on a Friday or Wednesday and I batch record videos, whatever it is that you do, you have to have a clear path as to how you're going to start."

Alicia: "You just have an authority building platform. And you pick that. And then that's how you start showing up. And then you go from there."

Alicia: "I don't have to show up everywhere. And a lot of times we assume that everybody is showing up everywhere because we're focused on the people that we're following. And we see them all the time. But literally, these people have their own plan and they're not showing up everywhere."


Alicia: " ... this is something that I did struggle with. And I actually learned that people like to see the behind the scenes. And they also like to learn, but they also want to hear how I've done it. So it's taken me some time to learn how to do that in a way where I can show up but in all in all, number one, I have to be me and who I am, and I can't conform myself to someone else. It's either you have to have the mindset that people are going to accept you for who you are, or they're not. And the people who are not by you don't need them throw the deuces and don't even worry about them."

 Alicia: "I know there are moms out there that can relate to like, right now we're trying to balance school, we're trying to balance work like in state of California least my county is doing distance learning. So I have to adjust my schedule to my clients and my business. It has been built to revolve around my kids and not my kids revolving around my business as has been from day one. So I know many women can relate to having to do this in Learning and having a stop in the middle of their business and maybe adjusting their day where they may not start working on their business. So 3pm, that stuff is in the things that I talk about. And the more that I talk about the things that are relatable to my audience, that's how I've been able to grow my audience. So that's how I've been able to stay authentic."

 Alicia: "it doesn't have to be so complicated. And what I learned over the last two or three years is that people really like stories versus being told tips. So depending on your platform, like I know in Facebook groups and communities now Like when you go in and you start giving a bunch of tips, and there, you're not going to get a whole response. But if you talk about the process that you took to get to a certain point, you're going to see engagement. Because Because people see themselves in that journey that you took, so if you're sharing those types of things, people will want to hear the stories. Like, look, let's be clear, people are nosy, people are nosy, and they want a lot of information. So if they can get it, how they can get it, they're gonna get it from you. And if you could share it that way, then share that way. So tell those stories and tell how you did it."

Mom-preneur Awesomeness

 Alicia: "The first thing that I do is that I have to take time for myself every single day. So that may look different for other people. So for me, it looks like getting up and reading. Although it's been a little it's very been very rough. Let's be clear, been a very rough this whole past six months. I would get I used to work until like two in the morning because I couldn't get anything done during the day. But I started getting back into the habit of getting up early before the kids reading..."

Alicia: "Working out. I feel like working out is very important. It's not just about like maybe your weight or whatever it's about the physical, and the mental release that you get, because we have a lot of stress. You know, there's a lot of stress going on, there's kids, and there's homework. And there's, you know, one teacher doesn't show up for the zoom. Or, let's just be clear, like, on the second day of school, there was a mini meltdown here, the teacher decided to switch from Google meat to zoom 10 minutes before the class started. And there was like this whole chaotic thing, and I awful, yes, and I'm not getting paid for this. I'm not built for this, like, so you need to have that physical release. And that mentor leads with the exercise. So I encourage anyone, even if it's for 10 minutes, when I do even during the day when I'm working and I'm in between calls..."

Alicia: "I get up from my desk or the couch or wherever it is at this point where I'm working, and I go take a you know, a beat and I like five minutes. I'm outside in the sun, and I'm just standing there getting ready. Air and just enjoying being outside. Because I know that I need a mental break. So taking a you know, a five minute break or 10 minute break, even exercising 10 minutes going for a walk around the neighborhood if you can, that will help you to you know, stay sane."

Of course, there's so much more depth on the podcast - be sure to listen!

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