#41 How to be Human on Social Media with Lynn Coleman


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Sometimes we pretend to be someone we aren't on social media - and this can hurt our business.  When we are authentic, when we are HUMAN, it deepens our connections with our audience.  Let's do more of that!

Today we have a special guest Lynn Coleman, an expert in how to grow globally for online trainers, coaches, and healers.  She uses her expertise in communicating autehntically to help her clients with strategies, messaging, and tech.  

In this episode you will learn:

  1. How doing what you love can help to keep you healthy happy and sane.
  2. How the three B’s of social (brilliance, beauty, and bucks) are holding you back.
  3. How to show up like an actual human on social media and how that can help your business.


Remember that you love what you do!

We all started being entrepreneurs because we love what we do.  It can be easy to get lost in the day-to-day and forget this.  But every time that we connect back to this, it helps to boost our mental and emotional health.  Bonus = it makes sales easier.

Lynn: "I think it's really important to feel good about what you do. I mean, it's, it's important to be excited, it's important to really care about what you do. But if the selling of what you do feels icky. If you sort of, then then you're off, you know, it's, it just doesn't feel right then. So I think it's really important to that the sales fit in a way that that works for you. So that you express yourself, you're being who you are, you're saying it in a way that fits you, which, you know, in my case includes daft little jokes all the time. I can't suppress whatever I do. And it's and you know, that you feel you feel good about what you do, you know, your conscience is clear. So I always talk about like the mirror test. If I look at myself in the mirror, I want to feel good about what I'm looking at. And if I'm doing something that doesn't feel good, then I'll look in the mirror and I'll see it, I won't feel like you know, looking myself in the eye. It's that test, I think."


Lynn and I both agree that there is NO one right way to do something

Lynn: "I think you should always ask yourself, why is it that somebody says there's only one way to do something? And you know, the answer a lot of the time is because they're selling you the way to do something that you know, and it's great. They've got that self belief....all these human beings on this planet and all this talent and all these skills and all these wonderful things that we have to offer. That there's one way that works for all of us. I don't believe that That's possible on your end. So now one of my tests of Am I going to follow somebody? Do I want to learn from somebody is precisely that, are they going to tell me it's my way or the highway? And if so, I'm not going that way. Because that's not how I want to work. And I don't believe it works."


LET GO of the Triple B's of social media - you don't always have to be focused on brilliance, beauty, bucks

Lynn: "... the triple B's is the feeling you need to be brilliant, you need to be beautiful, and you need to make bucks out of it."

Lynn: "...everybody's life has stories and everybody's life has meaning. And, and and part of the meaning is why you've come to do what it is that you do and sharing that with people is interesting. That's why they're coming to you. So you are really an important part of what it is that that you know the reason that people are coming to you so so talk about that share that show them your reel show them that you you know that you will occasionally or not Brilliant and beautiful, you know, it's okay."

Lynn: "...we're human beings and I think the more open we are and the more able we are to say this is this is who I am, you know, and this is my life and, and the good bits about it then the you know the not so good bits about it, the funny bits about it, I mean, let's celebrate the funniness of life. I mean, a lot of the time when you're talking to me, as you know, that you're, you're quite likely to get the rear end of a cat in view, because you know, somebody just decided to turn up and I've stopped hiding that stuff. I mean, it's like, this is what cats do. And it connects. Anybody who has a cat gets this and they know how it works. And there are lots of ways of doing this."


 Soulwords - Lynn's solution for authentic communication

Lynn: "..well, what I've noticed that happens is you'll get people who tell you, you have to use the words that your clients use, which is part of the picture and and another lot of people will tell you have to use the words that you love. But I think it's it goes deeper than that. And that's what I that's what I'm calling soulwords. So these are words that are uniquely to do with you. So people will recognize them, and they're also words that your clients will love. And so that will attract them, and they're also words that you like using, you know that you really have a meaning for you as well. And if you can get to that sweet spot where you've got some of these words going on that can appeal to those three aspects. That's what I call soul words. So the advantage of them is that, you know, you're appealing to clients, you're identifiable, and you feel okay about using these words as well, you know more than Okay, and being a bit British, now, you love using these words, okay, I'm trying to, I'll try to get myself more enthusiastic. And so it's about, you know, it's about using words that you really, that that really feel good for you as well. Because I think it's, I think that if you're, if you're working for yourself, and you're sharing your life, and sharing your skills, and your and all your experiences and everything about you, and you're not doing it in a way that's really about you, then you're, then you're missing such an important part of, of, of your life in your business. And, you know, it's I think it's just really, really important that we're being authentic like that, so that we feel excited. And then we, you know, it gives us energy, if you're communicating in a way that you love as well, it gives you energy, and it helps keep you going. You know, and goodness knows we all need that. We all have those, those not we all have those dark days that we don't post on Facebook very often, you know, we all have them."


Of course, there's so much more depth on the podcast - be sure to listen!

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