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Today we HAVE a guest, Delicia Alarcon.  Delicia is a First Gen Latina who knows how tough it is to apply to colleges, go through undergrad, and navigate the job application process.  So, she became an Academic and Career Coach for young adults who want to build their skills to stand-out in the college application process, job market, and build confidence in life and your career!    After graduating from Fairfiled University,  she did Teach For America and taught High School Spanish, then transitioned to Higher Education living in Brazil as a Fulbright Scholar.  She is such a power-house! You are going to learn so much.  My favorite thing about her, and why I asked her on the podcast, is how she shows up so beautifully and authentically on social media - she is still herself and sharing her expertise while clearly appealing to her target demo of young adults.  She’s got some serious TikTok game.

In this episode you will learn:

  1. How to take your favorite job and make it into a career
  2. Don’t do all the things - Simplify your social media mindset and use the platforms as they are designed
  3. 3 ways she stays healthy happy and sane
  4. How to manage stress as a job seeker

Delicia dives into how she supports young adults in achieving their dreams - from college to their first job.  She also shares how we can support anyone going through a big transition like looking for a new job.  And, as a bonus, she has a social media mindset that is going to blow your mind and help you to show up more authentically with your own audience. 

Advice for job seekers

Delicia: "It's definitely a very stressful time for students and jobseekers because of the way things are playing out with the pandemic and just the economy and life in general. However, the first piece foundational advice that I give all students no matter what stage they're at, and how they're feeling is do some research, right? Figure out, there's two parts to that. One is figure out and sit with yourself, what do you really want to do? How do you want to move through the next phase of the next two years? Where do you want to be? How do you want to show up? And then with that information, you're going to start your research, right? What is actually out there? what's actually in the market to align with that?" <be sure to listen to the podcast for lots more info!>


How to support your loved ones looking for a job or applying to college:

Delicia: "I think the biggest support that a parent or a family member or someone close to them in their life is to listen to what they want out of their experience and just be open to having a conversation of what what they want in their experience, if that makes sense. So yeah, sitting sitting one on one and having an open dialogue, apart from like the strategic, maybe technical actionable items that they could be doing. But that has been one of the big biggest things that students have our clients have talked to me about is someone to just process out loud with and listen and talk through some things. Because freshman year, they might have started, I want to do med school and then senior year comes along and they change their major and they completely decided to do something else. So processing and going through maybe that transition of it's okay to change your major, it's okay to change your mind. It's okay to figure out what is next and just listen and kind of process out loud with them, I think has been one of the biggest things because I also as a career coach, I come in and I want to say okay, this is strategy. This is step one, step two, step three, but at times, sometimes a student just needs a listening ear to process."


On using social media to reach her students (and now her audience)

Delicia: "I love love all of those pieces of transition. And I've over the years, I've learned that for me, it's been fairly, I'm not going to say they're all smooth transitions. But I've, I'm a very productive student in the sense that I would connect with professors and mentors, and someone would say, maybe you should check this out, I would look into it, and realizing that some students may not know exactly how to approach that conversation of how do I approach my professor, how do I email them? How do I approach a mentor? How do I start networking on LinkedIn, and those soft skills I realized have to be taught. So that's why I think engaging in social media and on social media platform to connect with students is really the name of the game for the the target audience that I'm connecting with, because that's where they spend their time. And I learned that very quickly. As a Spanish teacher, I needed to know the latest music, the latest dancing, and the latest app features so that I can also build relationships with my students and Know what is important to them? They may not care that much about conjugating a subjunctive verb in Spanish, but they will teach me how to whip and nae nae. So how do I include conjugating verbs and the width and named a and that's kind of how I married the two. And just so you know, there there is a video, or at least a picture of that online that I saw recently pop up in your timeline. It was like, Oh, yeah, she's, she's really got it figured out how to reach kids. Yes, it's a video. It's on my Instagram I talked about last week."

Delicia: "we have to frame our mindset of what is the purpose of these social media platforms? Why were they created in the first place? And how have they evolved to what they are today? And one of those things is, these are created for engagement to connect with your audience, with your community with the people that you want to engage and connect with? And if that's you have to know like who you're trying to connect with, right? Is it through dance? Is it through singing through a written text or a static image? What does that look like really depends on who you want to engage with and And that's going to drive what you engage or mean how you engage, right?"


Showing up authentically on social:

Delicia: "it's also showing up authentically. And for me, it's been a journey because at one point, I said, Well, I have to do this, and I have to do this strategy. And there came a point where I was like, No, this I have to show up as Delicia as how I want how I know to be my personality, and that's going to hopefully shine through and connect with the people that I want to connect with. And once I broke, like, rip that band aid off and came to peace with that, I, I think I and like you said, it shows up that I'm more authentically myself. And I do feel that when I'm posting and I do feel that when I'm creating the content, always with the students in mind. And I think that's been my journey with it's hard now because there's so many different platforms, right? There's Instagram, YouTube, Tiktok Pinterest, Facebook, Twitter. So for me, I had to really discern, Okay, I understand the business strategy behind one app. But how am I authentically connecting with my audience on another app? And how do I merge the two has really been my learning process."

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