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#37 Rocking your 9-5 + Side Hustle with Meal Prepping

9-5 cooking meal prepping working from home Sep 22, 2020

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Today we HAVE A SPECIAL GUEST Kim Bozick, who in addition to her 9-5 job at an ad agency, shares her passion for health and wellness with her amazing Facebook community.  I personally love her videos on meal prepping, which are easy and doable - and always give me new ideas.

In this episode you will learn:

  1. Strategies to balance a 9-5 job and running a business while still being healthy
  2. Meal prepping tips that you can use today to get started
  3. Kim’s hacks for making meal prepping easier


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Healthy eating should just be easier.  As an entrepreneur, I need food to fuel my productivity and awesomeness. Today's special guest, Kim Bozick, is amaze-balls at meal prepping.  For real.  Her Facebook community is packed with useful info that can help you eat healthier.

We get to decide what works for us...

Kim: "'s so funny because I tried like every diet before you know, and it's like, you almost get resentful and you're like, oh God, if I have to eat one more piece of chicken or whatnot, then it causes you to spiral and maybe, you know move into some more unhealthy habits that you might have had in the past. So for me, I found what foods my body likes.."

Kim: "it's so important to do because like, what I eat might not feel my body the way it feels your body and that's what I love so much about health and wellness is that it's not a one size fits all. It's not a one diet or whatever. I hate the word diet. But you know, my healthy living lifestyle is different from your healthy living lifestyle like it you know what I mean? Because we both have different bodies and our bodies need different types of people. Food and, and I just think that's so interesting how they react with different bodies and, and, and all that."


Eating healthy while working a 9-5 from home...

Kim:"So I do work nine to well, nine to five, it could be from eight to eight, like you know what I mean, I work in advertising. So it's very fast paced. You know, it's really great. I work with a lot of great clients and, you know, It's working those long hours when I was in the office so free quarantine life. You know, I'm in meetings all the time. So I made it a point to make sure I i meal prepped a healthy lunch. So you know, I started with that foundation of like, always having lunch instead of having to, you know, make time to go or or, you know, order food or you know, all of that. So that was kind of the first lock for me. And then, you know, I would be in the mornings rushing around because I would wake I wake up and work out at 6am and come home and shower. And I would go, you know, to my office, so I wouldn't needed something that like who wants to make breakfast I don't know who makes like a real breakfast during the weekday. But like if you you deserve a medal because it's like, the last thing I want to do is clean up dishes before 9am but so I make a smoothie every morning. So that was another part of things like so it's just this natural progression of me integrating my healthy habits into my daily life because it was such a hectic, busy, jam packed thing. So now that I'm home feel like it's more challenging because yes I'm in meetings but I'm also like 10 steps from my kitchen. So it's like I'm beginning quarantine It was like whoa I felt out of my routine right I was you know found myself like starting work and not like having that process right of like okay well I just go upstairs well before my office was in my living room which was like really close to my kitchen now I'm on the third floor so I have a little bit of a separation of church and state but um, and you know, I still went to meetings all the time. I'm still trying to keep up with those habits. I still have my smoothie in the morning I still meal prep every Sunday for my for my week like just because I'm home you know, doesn't mean that I can I want to make my lunch every day I still meal prep, I still try to make that routine. So I have those healthy habits and I make my best to like for example, I might snack this week is slices of cucumber and hummus like I changed things up. Sometimes I have hard boiled eggs sometimes I have brown rice cakes with almond butter, like It just depends and I need to keep in that mindset of still being at the office, and still having those parameters to make sure that I'm continuing to work towards my, my healthy goals and which also helps me to feel, you know, becoming more into the health and wellness realm in terms of working my business. So it's, it's a, it's a trade off, but I I really like it. I think it's, it's interesting. I know, we were talking earlier about like, I'm at my limit and my work from home life, but I feel like it's, it's fun, it's a challenge and it's something I need to get used to."

Kim: "And that's something that I had to either pivot on a lot of times, you know, there are times where I don't like I don't feel like meal, prepping on Sunday like oh, I can do it on Monday and then I get the Monday and I'm like, Oh crap, like I got a meeting put on my calendar. I can't do this now like, you know, I mean so I just really try to stay and that also gives me a sense of routine right? Because like, I'm not going to an office I you know, I don't have to leave my house by next certain date because you know, I can just walk upstairs it takes my computer's a minute versus 15 minutes so you know, it's those things to give me that sort of routine because I don't I thrive on it. I really like a routine but I also love flexibility so it's finding that happy medium of making sure that I have a routine but I also allow myself some flexibility when needed."


Meal prepping awesomeness...

Kim: "So for me, I have found that I don't do everything on Sunday, and everyone's like, okay, Sunday meal prep day, I'm going to go grocery store, I'm going to prep all my stuff. I'm going to cook and then they're like, Oh, my God, I just spent four hours of my day on Sunday, getting ready for the week, and then I feel like oh, I don't feel like doing that. So for me, what I do is I go to the grocery store on Saturday, I go work out in the morning. It's the Trader Joe's is like five minutes from my gym. Great. I'm already out. Go and get it. Get my stuff. I know what I'm going to make ahead of time. I know what I need to know we're making dinner over the weekend and I come home and I immediately prep all my vegetables so for example like I'll be making a one of my favorite meals is making unstuffed peppers. It's so easy and I like tough out of all the cool I saw that video, there's a video of that and I was like, Oh yeah, I should do that. It's so easy and like, Well, you know, I don't I'm weird and I love chopping vegetables. I'm the best sous chef in the world. But like so I on Saturday I prep all my vegetables, I'll chop all my peppers, my onions. Sometimes I'll if I'm making chicken sausage, I'll cut that up to just so literally on Sunday, all I have to do is heat up a skillet and pour it in pour my stuff in. And for me it's like it's makes it so much so much less daunting because on Saturday I already go to the grocery store. I chop up my veggies, maybe an app an hour max of my time, put in the fridge Sunday I wake up maybe I have to prep my meat if I'm making chicken or or what have you cook it, packet it up and then I'm done. So it's separates those big chunk of time. So you're not feeling like you're dedicating your whole weekend to meal prep. You're doing things here and there and you're like tricks your mind and things like, Oh yeah, I'm just doing my normal errands or I'm doing whatever. So that's something that those are the two biggest things that I can't stress enough is like don't try to do everything on one day. Because that's I feel like that's how people get stifled and they're like, I'm not doing this anymore. And then they're just like, screw it. I'm gonna go back to ordering lunch."


Kim's secret hacks to making meal prepping easier:

Be sure to listen to the podcast for all the details, because she had a bunch of ideas...

1. Pre-cooked rice.  Kim uses Trader Joe's.  But it just makes thing soooo much easier when you don't have to cook your rice.

2. Frozen or pre-cut veggies.  If you are crunched for time you can always have some frozen veggies in the freezer ready to go or just purchase pre-cut veggies - so you are just cooking/prepping them and you're done!

3. Have ONE 'go-to' recipe that you know how to make by heart - you don't need a recipe, you know what you need to buy for it, and you LOVE it.  That way it's always there for you!


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