#35 Step into Your Mess (+ Your Genius) with Beth Nydick


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I’m so excited you are here today’s episode with special guest Beth Nydick.

Beth Nydick is a speaker, author, and a magnetic business mentor. She shows her clients how to strategically prepare their business and to use collaboration to establish instant credibility to get their life-changing messages in front of massive audiences. She co-authored the top-selling Clean Cocktails: Righteous Recipes for the Modern Mixologist, and has been in featured in OPRAH, Parade, Forbes, Inc., Nylon Magazine, Tori Burch , and Better Homes and Gardens plus appearances on The Dr. Oz Show, The Chew and The Tonight Show. 

In this episode you will learn:

  1. Why it’s so important for entrepreneurs to lift each other up instead of competing and comparing
  2. How “stepping into your mess” is where your genius comes from as an entrepreneur
  3. How creating a connection with other entrepreneurs and creating a support system can help us to stay healthy, happy, and sane
  4. Her action step for getting publicity TODAY


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Are you ready to step into your genius?


Let's lift each other up instead of competing!

Beth: "I feel like we as a community of women, entrepreneurs and men to not just women, but we really need to be more inclusive with each other. And we need to lift each other up. This, you know, they talk about or people talk about the, there's room for everybody...we really need to be a community and really being supportive of each other because that's all The way we're going to succeed, and I 100% agree with that, like, all any of that sense of of competition, even with women who are doing the same thing that I'm doing, I don't feel that, because there's no point in that that's a waste of my time and energy when I could be helping to lift them up and lifting myself up inadvertently at the same time. Exactly. I feel it. When somebody does something that doesn't lift each other up, it's really about them. And then if I really take it back at self esteem, self worth and self confidence, and if those three things are lacking in that person, why, why aren't we helping that person see the light and see what genius they have, and how much better they can be to bring them back into the fold? Like this pandemic is screwed everybody, you know, what can we learn? What can we learn as a community? What can we learn about ourselves like, I feel like a lot of people are reflecting upon themselves and how they really are and I hope that we're all learning I'm I know I can learn more about myself."

Beth: "That's where your messages that's where your genius comes from, like, you know, my genius is being able to connect with people. So what? That's not because, yeah, that's because I have confidence and I feel good about what I have to say. But it's also like, I need that piece. I'm a middle child. So that says, say a lot. And, you know, hey, I hate all the middle child middle children out there that were like, hey, me, I'm in the middle. I need to be seen and heard. And using that for good instead of evil."


Step into your mess to find your genius

Beth: "...not till I really found that piece did I understand how to really help people it was like, Well, if I can help you fulfill what I need, then it's a win win. And until it's a win win, you know, it's like hitting your stride or like people talk about, I didn't level up so I hit did this or I didn't My business didn't take off till I really stepped into my message. Well, I stepped into my mess. And that's where I got everything from and that's when it started."


Stay connected

Beth: "it's really connection, it's getting on the phone or on a zoom. I know we're so over zoom, get on a Skype, do whatever platform you have to do Marco Polo, whatever it is, but really have that connection. have that one, two or three people that you can go to be like, today sucks, today's great, like whatever it is, but have that go to partner so that there is a sounding board because we get so in our own heads. You know, we write programs write emails. I don't I can't even tell you how many emails I've written, sent out. And afterwards I'm like, Oh my god, there's spelling mistakes. Oh my god, there's something else there. So just to give your mind a rest meaning like that, am I doing this? Okay? Am I can I do this, you know, that's that imposter syndrome comes up, but really having that partner and if that partner can help you take a walk in the morning, so every morning at seven, you're on a phone call with that person or every other day, so that you're walking and talking, but talking about your business with somebody else that's not in your business will help you your mindset and mentally, and if you can partner that with some walking or spinning or whatever"


Listening to your genius

Beth: "...courage doesn't always come from inside. Sometimes courage comes from the people around you being like, you're like for me. I you know, I was nutritionist created this amazing book. I started doing speaking engagements, and people started asking me for lunch or for coffee. And I would have conversations with them. And afterwards, I'd be like, You helped me so much more than like, 20,000 a month or 20,000 a year coach or you like you're so much more helpful than the people I'm working with. And after I kept my telling my husband after the fifth or sixth person, he was like, Beth, are you listening? And I was like, I'm just helping my friends. He's like, no, are you like, are you listening? And I wasn't until I could find somebody to have that conversation with that was kind of like in the business and to hold a mirror up. So because I didn't have I wasn't happy, I didn't have that community. I did not create that community of nutritionists around me when I was in that side of my business. So I'm really poignant about doing it now."


Entrepreneurs are stronger together

Beth: "acknowledging what your limitations are, you know, those, what stories you're telling yourself letting go of all those blocks, or acknowledging like, I have a block around this and I'm not getting around it. And when you don't you take that power back, then you're able to move through it, but I gotta tell you like this. It's scary. I'm going to do it anyway. But it's freakin hard and scary. But I do appreciate when I hear women like you and other people that are like, yeah, it's freaking hard. Scary, then, okay, so we're all doing this hard thing and it's scary together, then I  have the power and the gumption like everyone else can say, I can do it. I can do it, too."


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