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#34 Keeping it Simple with Leslie Boyd

cooking facebook family meals goal setting meal prepping mom-preneur planning productivity Sep 01, 2020

Today we HAVE A SPECIAL GUEST Leslie Boyd who is my go to for getting stuff done.  Learn how a productivity coach stays healthy, happy and sane while running her business and loving on her family. 

Leslie is a life and productivity coach that works with women to create balance between work and life so that they can achieve their goals.  She is a busy wife and mom and remembers all too well what it was like to feel overwhelmed before she began her day.  She created the 3 Step Strategy for herself and knew it could help others too!

In this episode you will learn:

  1. Leslie’s secret to keeping things simple using her 3 Step Strategy
  2. Why she makes a weekly menu of meals (and how this might be the best idea ever)
  3. Leslie’s 3 steps to staying sane while being a business owner who is on Facebook


Leslie's 3 Step Strategy

Leslie: "Well, the first thing I do, and I've had to learn this, so what's all learning is that I focus on a few things at a time. I tried to do all the thing at all the same time, and have never and was not successful and all the things so when I set my wicked weekly goals, I set no more than three. And I know for people that I call my gosh, because we have our day to day stuff. So that's the balance to do our day to day stuff, and then squeeze in those things that we want to do that we choose to do. So I'm very, very intentional about it. How I want my week to go. And that's really keeping it small. Like, whenever we think that I always say, whatever we think we're going to do for the week, break it down, and then break it down again. Because it's just like eating dinner, how many times you fix a plate, this huge because you've waited too long to eat and you're like, I'm not gonna eat all that. It's the same thing when it comes to our goals. So I try to plan in batches when I can. So when it comes to I know you see me on facebook all the time and you see me at all the places. I pick one thing it doesn't have to I do not overcomplicate it. I used to overthink and overcomplicate and people are not complicated. And people are simple. So the content and what they see is simple. I realized so much I want to give so much that I really just need to be me. So just focusing being very intentional on the few things that I want to get right as opposed to bunch of things that I hope."


Meal planning and creating an actual menu for the week (super-advanced momming)

Leslie: "... I have always wanted to have home cooked meals for my family at least four times a week. Now people are like, well, Leslie, there's seven days in a week. Yes, I'm super busy. And we had you know, the kids had so many sports that for me to cook it Actually would be four days. And so I would you know, maybe do five but I was yeah my realistic goal setter and then they have healthy options, you know, during the during the time but that's what I cook and so this week due to everything going on right now I'm cooking way more than I was. So I already saw I went to the store yesterday and I planned out everything for the week and I made a menu and I just made a mix. I did things that are crock pot that I can do earlier do and so I made a menu....Oh my gosh, they're like, you know, they wake up in the morning. Now what do we have for dinner? Oh my gosh, because and and i think that part of it is I've involved them. I have more time to involve them in the menu I would try to but in the past someone would always be gone. So I've like, Okay, well I need to make this for someone's open, she'll be here. This is good because it's a good heat up, you know, it's a good reheat kind of option premake so it's a little bit better. So I always think about that. And then the second thing is my daily vitamin D and exercise. So this week, I always look at the calendar, and I plan out my walks. And when I'm going to actually work outside before that too hot between March like May I was outside everyday for an hour working. So we plan out my, my youngest daughter is volleyball player. And so she has to run a mile and a half minutes. So every week we plan out when we're going to go out and do our daily walk, she runs I walk behind her. So those are like my biggest goals, vitamin C, getting in my walks and getting in the healthy meals and we've been cooking our meals, like even our lunch like they would eat sandwiches going to school, which is fine, but now you know, they're making Like gloves shred or you know, I'm making leftover chicken. But yeah, so they're even having like more whole protein and vegetables even for lunch and it's in the menu planning is the big thing I still do. I don't work on Sundays. So that's our meal plan meal prep, and get ready for the week and spending time with the family. "

How to stay sane while being a Facebook business rockstar

Leslie: "Well, so the one of the first things I do is I make a plan each week. That's the main thing. And I've learned to keep it simple. I mean, I remember my first graphics had like 50,000 things on it. And I've learned that none of that matters done is better than perfect. So I will come up with a theme for the week, I'll come up with some posts, and I try to batch as much I try to get as much done on before the week starts and actually schedule because what I find when I schedule my content, I don't only do it for the week. I know people schedule that content for 90 days. And I don't know that that really works for me, because, you know, it just I like to have that fluid. It can be it can have a little bit if I schedule the week, fully schedule the week. I'm so much more relaxed, because we're always behind the What do I post at nine where I post here at 10? Yeah, and we're always thinking about it. And then another thing that I do is I do the Pommodoros where I do 25, I'll do a block like a two hour three hour block, and I turn my notifications off of my phone on, like notifications, and I spent 25 minutes focused on one thing, and then a 10 minute break. So what helps me This is honest to goodness truth. If I can check Facebook for five minutes, every hour, every hour and a half, then I'm fine. Not having it for an hour and a half. That makes sense. Like, I can't go three hours and my check because I will be thinking about it. So I'd give myself five minutes. But then I have 55 minutes of non thinking about it, email, whatever it is, and then don't let yourself get sucked, I'm very, I'm very strict. I'm like if you do this, it's like my reward. If you do that 55 minutes and you can have five minutes of guilt free and I used to joke. There's like no Facebook emergency Right, like even if somebody, here's a message, there is no Facebook emergency. So that's how I managed and so I do some I do, of course, I'm online nor so I do some, you know, networking and Facebook, but that's planned. And so when I do that, even if I've got something I'm doing, I won't even need to scroll that's like my time to go and enter, you know, go in and answer my. And I'm very strategic when I post in my groups because I like to respond back to people. So I only posted a time that I'm not going to be there because if I go back 25 notifications, I'm overwhelming myself out. So I try to schedule the posts during the time that I'm already going to be working online to answer your answer back."

She also had some amazing advice about recycling content: "And even if there's a person out there that sees every single thing I post, they're not going to see every single thing." 


Leslie shared about her own self-care routine, but her action step for us was clear...

Action step: Schedule your self-care.  This is so simple and so powerful.  What does self-care mean to you?  Is it getting enough sleep, eating healthy, watching your favorite show?  Whatever it is, schedule it like you would any other important thing in your life!


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