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I’m excited to share with you a course I’ve been developing just for you.  Thriving with Ayurveda.  Ayurveda, as you will hear in today’s episode, is incredibly useful.  If you are feeling overwhelmed by all of the health choices and you just want being healthy to be easier, then Ayurveda can help you simplify and find what works for you.  I’ve helped hundreds of students and clients use Ayurveda to build a healthy life that works for them - and now you can too. 

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Today we are going to get to explore some of the ancient wisdom of Ayurveda.  It’s 5000 years old, but it’s still useful today.  It’s one of the key building blocks to my healthy life - and I believe it can support you in building your healthy life. If you don't know anything about Ayurveda - that's ok, you will soon!

In this episode you will learn:

  1. What Ayurveda is 
  2. Why it’s useful to you
  3. 3 Ayurveda practices you can do TODAY

What is Ayurveda + why do you care?

It's a holistic health system originating in India that can simplify your life and help you build lasting health. And it's still currently practice in India in much the same way that we practice medicine here in the US. So, we have hospitals, we have doctors, and Ayurveda has all the same stuff in India.

It is over 5000 years old, which it makes it really freaking old and you think that would make it not relevant at all, but as you're going to see today, it's still relevant. It turns out that humans have not changed maybe as much as we thought we have. Some things still remain true about us and are inherent to our nature, which I find to be pretty entertaining.

And before I discovered Ayurveda, I was really struggling with my health and wellness because I wanted to do "the right thing," I wanted to find the answer. And so I would latch on to every single new thing and trend, and I would over-research it and overthink it - and go all in. And sometimes it would work a little, sometimes it would work for a short time. I really felt overwhelmed by all the health and wellness choices- like one day butter is good for me and the next day it's not.

But it was important for me to figure out a way to start thinking about things that were easier because I was tired of going to the grocery store with a list of food that I was allowed to eat. I was tired of thinking about all the things I was supposed to be doing. And Ayurveda helped. It cleared out all the clutter. I felt free. I felt in control. And I felt healthy. Powerful in my own health. Because as you're going to learn in a second, one of the things Ayurveda is big on is you in what matters to you and what's healthy for you, listening to your body, doing what's right for you, and making those choices based solely on that. And I love that so much. Because now I can, in the moment, tune in to what's going on with me and my body and my mind and my emotions and figure out what's right for me for my health and wellness.

I've built a healthy life using Ayurveda as a construct, using Ayurveda as a container, as a way to view my health and wellness so that I can have more control, so that I can feel powerful and so that I'm not spending any more time questioning my health and looking externally. Because it turns out that most of the answers for my health and wellness I already had, they were always within me.


You have to find a way to digest everything

One of the things I love about it is that it believes you have to find a way to digest everything. And when they say everything I mean everything. So, not just what you ate or drank today. But everything you encountered from all that was going on outside or if it was a rainy day, to the way that person spoke to you on the phone today, or that nasty email you got, or that awesome email you got or how your kids talked to you today. You've got to digest that. And things that you don't necessarily think about, like the news that you read or the social media posts that you started comparing yourself to or the noise that was going on from the television that somebody refused to turn off all day long today, but you could still hear it going on in the back, or the buzz of the light in your office that you've started to ignore, but you can still kind of hear, to when you exercised earlier. Your body has to process all of that, everything, I mean everything. And think about for a moment how profound an awesome that is.

I think that is such a cool way to approach digestion, and to approach all the things that we encounter in our day to day lives, and to ask us, right, to do that with awareness. And to do that with intention, because as soon as you start to realize that you have to figure out how to process something like an episode of Game of Thrones, you're gonna have to start watching TV differently. Or at least I did. So I noticed, for example, if I watched an episode of Game of Thrones right before I went to bed, my brain was really active. I was very emotional. I could feel it physically in my body, especially that last season. But if I watch it during the day, my body, my mind, my emotions, they have a chance to settle. So, it didn't keep me up at night. It didn't give me any nightmares.

This has allowed me to have awareness around all of the things that I encounter in my life. And it helped me to create some boundaries about things that were impacting me. But I was like, Oh, yeah, I'm gonna have to figure out how to digest that later. Maybe I should not be hanging out with her. Or, yeah, I'm gonna have to figure out how to digest that later, I might not be able to really listen to that news story that's going to be a little too much for me today.

This concept allows us to make these educated decisions. And it also helps to explain some of the issues that we might be experiencing. If we're emotional and don't know why or if we're having thoughts that we don't quite understand. This can help. Help us give a little context to it. So I really loved that and valued that about Ayurveda and how it thought about the world around us and the role we might have to play in how we interact with the world around us.


Ayurveda Respects you as an Individual

Another thing that I love about it is that it respects you as an individual. Something I found so disheartening about Western medicine, which isn't to say it's all bad. I go to my doctor still. But I never feel like an individual there. I feel like I'm being compared to what's average, or what studies have shown works for most people. And that doesn't always work for everybody. And what I love about Ayurveda is it really does respect you as an individual and wants to understand you and all the parts of you, and how things affect you and what it looks like to support you to for you to be healthy. And I just think that's such a lovely way to approach things. The flip side about that, which I also value, is that it's asking you to take personal responsibility for a lot of things. So for example, if you know a certain behavior is going to give certain results in your body, your mind your emotions, that you're taking on that responsibility, and I'll come back to that silly game of thrones example. I know if I watch an episode right before I go to bed, that I'm not going to sleep well, I might even have nightmares. And then of course, if I don't sleep, well, we all know what's gonna happen the next day and it's not gonna be awesome. I'm gonna have a crappy day the next day. So I have to make a decision. Is it worth it for me to watch that episode. The same thing might be true about some of the things that I choose to eat not to eat. So for example, sometimes spicy food leads to digestive distress in my body, but not all the time. So if I do it too much, it can be I'm a problem. But if I do it in moderation, I'm able to still maintain my health and my balance. And so I'm understanding my health individually, what affects me and how it affects me, and what causes the issues I'm experiencing. And then I'm making a conscious decision about whether or not to still do them. Do I sometimes still eat way too much cheese? Absolutely. Because cheese is awesome. But most of the time, I'm reining it in. And I love that about Ayurveda.


Ayurveda is NOT about Rules

This brings me to the last thing I'm going to talk about that I love about it, but it's not about rules. At its core, Ayurveda is asking you to notice to cultivate awareness and understanding of your experience in your own life. And then to take appropriate action right to notice how different things impact you physically, mentally, emotionally, and then to make a decision based on that, to cultivate that awareness to build that up. And so it doesn't become about rules.  So I guess there is a rule maybe: it's what works for you and what doesn't. And how do you build in more of what works for you, and get rid of the stuff that doesn't.


3 Ayurveda practices to try out TODAY as a busy entrepreneur

Be sure to check out the podcast for more details about each of these practices and why they can support you!

  1. Warm water with lemon first thing in the morning
  2. Lunch at the same time everyday and your biggest meal of the day:  This has made one of the biggest changes in my own life, try it for a week and let me know how it works for you. Ayurveda has a bunch of logical reasons to do this, but I love it because now I have energy in the afternoons and I’m not starving at 3pm.  It also lowers expectations in the house for dinner when I’m more tired anyway.
  3. Regular sleep.  I am aspleep10pm -6am, every night, and it has been absolutely transformative.  If you have kids and are thinking, lady, I haven’t slept in months - be sure to check out Episode 27 when I spoke to Catherine Hart of Baby Sleep Team about how to help the entire family to sleep.

And if you're thinking that all the things that I just listed, the practices of Ayurveda that I just listed for you to try out are really simple and easy. That's because they are and I come back to this idea that our health and wellness doesn't have to be complicated. We don't have to make it harder than it is. We can take these small simple steps and integrate them into our lives in a way that support our overall health and wellness or whatever goals that you have with your health and wellness and allow you to show up as the best version of yourself mentally, emotionally, physically, every single day.

And don’t miss out on my course, Thriving with Ayurveda <<HERE>>.  If you want to dive deeper into how you can leverage Ayurveda to help you build your healthy life, then be sure to check it out.  Being healthy doesn’t have to be complicated.  I’ve helped hundreds of students and clients use Ayurveda to build a healthy life that works for them - and now you can too. 

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