#31 Finding Your Style with Holly Chayes


Hello!  I’m so excited you are here today for Podcast #31  Finding Your Style with Holly Chayes.  As busy entrepreneurs it can be so challenging to figure out what to wear in the morning.  Holly helps us cut through all of the noise inside our head and in our closet to find our true style.

Holly is a style and wardrobe consultant (which is the coolest job ever!). She works with you to bring your clothing into alignment with who you are, and who you feel you are meant to be. In short, she fixes what's broken in your wardrobe. She is also the host of Talking About Clothes with Holly Chayes, where she talks about clothes with people who wear them.

In this episode you will learn:

  1. Why it’s important to find out what works for you with your clothing.
  2. Secrets to online shopping so that clothes actually fit you.
  3. Tips to create a minimalist wardrobe and how that can reduce decision fatigue.


 Clothing and Fashion are NOT a frivolous thing

Holly: "'s easy to write off fashion and style and clothing is like this frivolous thing that we don't really need. But we also all get dressed every single day. So if we don't discount the clothes we wear we can then use them as a tool to express what we want to express. about ourselves."

I love this because it's another way that we, as entrepreneurs, can express ourselves and communicate and connect with our audience/clients/customers. 


Why your clothing needs to work for YOU

Holly: "if it doesn't work for you, you're not gonna wear it. If you're not gonna wear it, it can't be a tool to help you. So it's sort of like you can, like if you don't have a calendar system that lets a client book time they're not going to book Time, therefore they don't hire you, therefore they don't pay you. So, this it all needs to work together. So, if what you want is a very loud, sparkly fashion any fashionista II wardrobe, but you're chasing around a toddler all day. We're gonna need to bring those elements of vibrant fashionista bold into your wardrobe in a way that also lets you chase around a toddler all day."


About shopping for clothes online....

Holly: "So the first place I start is sizing is fake. Every brand has their own sizing guideline. They bear no resemblance to each other. If you try on five size 12 pairs of pants from five different brands, they're all going to be different, even if it's the same, like cut of gene and the same type of gene and the same style of gene."

I can't tell you how much I LOVED hearing this.  I've always felt so crappy going between brands with sizing - and now I know it has no meaning. 

Holly: "So there are two things you can do. First is to go with brands that you already know fit you. So if you have a brand, where you have a pair of pants that like work pretty well stick with that brand and you can at least get the beginnings of a sense of what size to buy. Then especially if you're shopping online, buy that size. And if you can, the size below and the size above, try on all three and return two of them. That requires like having, being able to float the cash but that's a good way to do it. The other way is to always double check the sizing guidelines on the website. So every website that sells clothes is gonna have somewhere their sizing guideline with like inches and centimeters. So it'll tell you like what size it is plus how many inches or centimeters that size will be. Um, then you measure yourself, like you take a tape measure, and you wrap it around your body."

I've done the first one - I find a brand that works for me and I stick with it.


Baby steps towards minimalism...

Holly: "What you're talking about with your wardrobe is my goal with every client to have a wardrobe that just everything fits. Everything feels good, you always have options. capsule wardrobes and minimalism are a tool for achieving that but they're not the only way to get that wardrobe. Like some people they just their wardrobe, needs more options. They want more clothes, they enjoy fabric and garments and being able to choose and mix and match and not have to be able to not wear something for three months if they don't want to like so. The decision fatigue I think really comes when you're sorting through items of clothing in your closet that aren't supposed to be there. Because every time you see with it when you're like flicking through clothes in your closet, and there's a garment that doesn't fit or it doesn't feel good, you have to remember that you have to remember that oh, this only works if I also wear these shoes because it's too long. This only works if I wear it with this top because of whatever. This doesn't feel good. Or I can only wear this on like days that I'm feeling skinny. All of those kind of suck energy out of our mornings and really contribute to that feeling of how do I have so many clothes and also nothing to wear. So if you're going for minimalism or a capsule wardrobe, I always say like start really small. Don't Transition your whole wardrobe start with like a week. Pick out like 10 to 15 garments that you can only wear for that week. No, none of your clothes disappear. We're not taking trash bags out yet. Like it's baby steps towards minimalism."


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