#29 Taking Imperfect Action with Danielle Slagel


Today we HAVE A SPECIAL GUEST... Danielle Slagel. 

Danielle has more than 10 years of corporate sales experience, starting out in a Fortune 500 company in sales operations, moving to a tech start-up as VP of global strategy & sales, before finally branching out to launch her own sales and business strategy company with the mission to serve female entrepreneurs by creating resources and a community that allows them to step into who they are meant to be, sell with confidence, and create consistent income.

Full disclosure - Danielle is my business coach - so any time you see me doing something awesome or well - that’s totally her fault.

In this episode you will learn:

  1. Behind the scenes details from Danielle’s first year of entrepreneurship
  2. How she prioritizes her health and wellness while running a business
  3. The one thing she sees her clients doing to support their health and wellness (#spoileralert - this is your action step)

Taking Imperfect Action

"And so I knew whenever I was stepping away from corporate around this time last year that I needed to start my own business and it needed to incorporate doing just that with other other people, and I didn't know that I really would land and follow with female entrepreneurs, and it is the perfect fit. So after 10 years of being in that strategy and sales type role, I basically married up that experience with a whole lot of like confidence building and started this business coaching journey. And it has been a wild ride and I'm definitely you know, my motto is always imperfect action. And I can tell you, that is so so true for the first year of entrepreneurship"

"I think, you know, I've always sort of had this mindset of if you want something enough, you'll figure out a way to go get it. And I think so often, people and women specifically are waiting for the perfect timing or they're waiting for like this perfect plan that likely does not exist. And so while they're waiting for all of that, they're essentially doing nothing. We overthink a lot. We over-analyze a lot. And while we're doing all of that, we're essentially just staying in the same place. And we're fresh, we get super frustrated. And so whenever I even started my business, I did not have this roadmap of exactly who I was going to work with or what I was going to offer. I just knew I needed to do it. And so I started taking those steps to make it happen. And you can almost kind of tweak it along the way. And so that is really where imperfect action came from. It's really putting this idea of being perfect and perfectionism aside and saying, okay, we're going to show up with what we have, and adapt and evolve along the way."


How Danielle stays healthy, happy, and sane while running a business

(it's not by cooking, "if you see me in the kitchen, you should just kindly ask me to exit...")

"...we try our best to keep in the house what we know we're going to be happy with eating over a couple of days, and then everything else we try and keep out and then to be honest, we really try and stick to take out you know, once or twice a week, we're definitely not perfect and we do eat a lot of like leftovers throughout the week. I'm not saying we're super creative with that kind of stuff, but I would say that's helped with with staying healthy as far as the kitchen goes... as far as like working out and staying fit. That's something that I've always been really passionate about. You can tell if I like haven't worked out or I haven't you know had enough rest I'm truly not in the right like mental state to show up. So that's something I really tried to put into my my routine throughout the week I probably stick to some type of workout routine maybe five days a week, give or take. And that can include really anything whether it's like running or meditation or yoga, or if I'm doing some type of like Peloton workout. I was like a group, a group fitness junkie before COVID happened. So now really just turning, turning inward and what can you do out of your house or in your neighborhood? And I really, really loved that. It's a lot more convenient than I was thinking I was taking that for granted. So I would say you know, that has really, really helped keep me sane "


The ONE thing Danielle's clients are doing to prioritize their health

"a lot more of the people that I work with that are really unplugging and disconnecting more than ever before. So I feel like even specifically with, you know, COVID happening, maybe that has really driven us towards that. But I can tell you a lot of the clients that I work with, they're either putting these, they're building these into their schedules on days in which they are disconnecting or they are unplugging and stepping away and if they're being intentional about it, and that was something that has been that was really new and I hadn't been privy to that before."


Your action step:

How could disconnecting help you?
From your phone? social media? news? people? screens?


Connect with Danielle Slagel:

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