#28 Storytelling Doesn't Have to be Hard with Emily Hall


Today we have a special guest - Emily Hall.  Emily is a Communication Strategist & Coach that’s most passionate about communicating powerful messages in beautiful and authentic ways and started Whitespace Presentation Co. to share her passion with the world.

Storytelling is easier than we think. It can be easy to think of it as having to be as complex as a movie or a book.  But it's not!   

In this episode you will learn:

  1. How Emily stayed healthy happy and sane while successfully pivoting her business due to Covid
  2. Why communicating is important for our health and sanity (and success) as entrepreneurs
  3. Tips to make storytelling just a little easier


When I shared with Emily that I used to jam my Powerpoint slides as full of info as possible (LOL, I don't do that anymore), she had this to say:

"Just because you can doesn't mean you should. And so that's a lot of what I do is looking at, alright, who's in the room? Who are you speaking to? What do you want them to do?"


Emily also shared soooooo many ways to weave storytelling into your business (be sure to listen to the podcast to get all the deets...):

"What do they need to know? What are their barriers and how can I use stories to help them get around that so that's a big way that I use storytelling with my clients...they've dreamed about getting there, their life would be so much better if they were there, but they haven't done it on their own. And there are reasons why they haven't done that, either. It's too expensive. It's too much work. They just don't know enough about it. Those reasons why they haven't done that or why they need you. So your presentation is you literally driving them there and those roadblocks or those issues that they've had along the way."

"And that visualization piece is huge for keeping them engaged throughout that whole time so that they're actually paying attention to your content, so that they are not feeling lost, so that they still feel invested and like they want to be there. And that's getting them to the end is the only way that you're going to get that you're going to meet that goal, you're going to achieve that objective. So a lot of it goes into that structure piece."

"There are things like that, that, you know, you can tell stories to give hope you can, you know, tell stories to inspire people, you can tell stories and all sorts of ways to help bridge that bridge that gap and create that connection with someone. The other really great thing about storytelling, is that everything that happens in the brain of the person hearing the story is also happening in your brain as the storyteller. So the benefits are on both sides are being able to share those stories and share those connections. So as entrepreneurs, you know, we really Want to be able to connect with our audiences, we want to be able to speak to what they're feeling right now and maintain those connections through these really, really stressful hard times."

"It doesn't have to be like an eight part three act situation. It can, like if you're really committed to that story, by all means, go for it. But it doesn't have to be and that's the cool thing....It can even be using similes and metaphors. I mean, anything that that draws a parallel between something else that will trigger that visual in someone else's brain is telling the story. So talking about pop culture, talking about history, talking about any of these Things that are sort of common societal knowledge, draw those stories, you don't have to use all those immediate ones from your life if you don't want to, there is a world full of stories to be able to kind of cycle through your perspective or not just share them from someone else's, and be able to use that to connect to your audience."


Emily shares what it was like to pivot her business due to Covid and how she stayed healthy, happy and sane during this challenging time.  I really admired how she shared how challenging it was to do this, but also how she ended up finding her passion:

"So I said, All right, well, new plan. And I had been in the online entrepreneur space for a while as an entrepreneur, and had been in several communities that I really loved. And I had known that there is this huge kind of online course industry. And so tapped into that a little bit more as I was taking my workshops and putting them online into online courses. So got more into that side of things. I've done everything from kind of a corporate perspective. So corporate education, corporate webinars, things like that, but there's so similar and how they function You know, the outcomes are similar, you know, the things that they want are similar. The technology that uses the same I mean, there's so many things that are easily easily translatable. And so the more I got into that, the more I was like, this is so much more fun. Like, let's do to be able to serve like entrepreneurs that are, like, just like excited and like, passionate."



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